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9 Disgusting And Secret Things That Women Do Without Ever Really Admitting

9 Disgusting And Secret Things That Women Do Without Ever Really Admitting

Disgusting And Secret Things That Women Do Without Ever Really Admitting

Men have long been accused of indulging in all manner of activities or sometimes disgusting, or simply bizarre manias, when they were alone at home. Well know gentlemen that women are not left either! Overview of things "not very clean" or not very clear, that women do in the biggest secrets ...!

Yes, there is no point in covering this secret any longer: women also like to hide in order to practice all kinds of "not very clean" or not very clear activities! Like you, gentlemen, they will not hesitate to put on some dirty clothes, because they have nothing of their own to "put themselves in their mouths", or to talk to themselves, long before the mirror of The bathroom…

Overview of your most unusual habits and less glamorous!

1. Put back the same bras ... because these are your favorites!

This is a classic! Yes ladies, do not hide yourself anymore. You love your black lace bra ... you only swear by him for that matter! Yes, and still think of changing it, because it can quickly turn into a dirty habit. We tell you that, we tell you nothing!

2. Scrutinize your tampon or sanitary pad for a long time

Rather embarrassing is not it? And yet, it is indeed a practice that some women adopt without really realizing it. Curious about what their menstrual blood looks like for the first time, some people may spend a lot of time looking at what their used tampon or worn sanitary pad looks like. What do you hope in secret? What does your future reveal to you like in a crystal ball?

3. Free yourself from the grip of your bra!

It's more like the strange things women do when they're at home. Removing her bra as if it was the last thing you wanted to see while a few minutes earlier, you wear it with pleasure, this is a very strange behavior. Besides, the fervor and enthusiasm with which you do it is almost like a committed habit.

4. Watching you cry in the mirror

You're alone, slumped on your couch on a Saturday night. You are watching your favorite movie for the eleventh time and you still can not accept that Julien can leave Melanie at the end of it. You start crying, even hot tears! And suddenly you have the idea of going to look in an ice cream to admire the "masterpiece". Funny way to admire you is not it?

5. Spend hours fighting ingrown hairs!

Yes, and it's even your favorite hobby! They annoy you, irritate you, and it can literally become obsessed for some! So you spend your evening Saturday to take care of these hair that ruin your life, when you do not look Julien leave Melanie ...!

6. Wear the same clothes two days in a row because you will not meet the same people!

Admit ladies that this is a fairly common practice. If some of you still make the effort not to put the same outfit for two days in a row, others on the other hand give it to heart when they know in particular, they will not be likely to see the same people again. Yes, but we do not congratulate you for that!

7. Eat a small piece of cake fallen into your neckline

This habit happens to be typically feminine. This is not bad, especially when you are alone, but it may still seem weird for the person who might be in front of you at that time. So be careful to stay discreet!

8. Sleep with a small flashlight because you are afraid of the dark

Real little natures, some women can always be afraid of the dark, even arrived at a certain age. But do not worry ladies, you're certainly not the only ones to leave your bedside lamp on all night. Some men too are afraid of the dark!

9. Do not throw away your old pants ... to wear them during your periods!

You have a habit of putting them in a corner of your closet usually inaccessible (probably by shame?). But as soon as your periods point to the end of their noses, you can not help but run towards them, as if they could save your life! As a result, you find it hard to find them the day you need them the most. What bad luck !