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A German Woman Gives Birth To Quadruplets At Age Of 65

A German Woman Gives Birth To Quadruplets At Age Of 65

A German Woman Gives Birth To Quadruplets At Age Of 65

Having a child is always an extraordinary event, but it is even more so when pregnancy defies all rules and conventions of a scientific nature. As we know, there is an age from which it is impossible to give birth to a woman, but the story we will tell you today will remind you that it is a rule, and as for any rule, there are exceptions to confirm it and evade it as well.

A pregnancy and the unpredictable

A 65-year-old German, who already has 13 children from 4 different fathers, gave birth to quadruplets after undergoing artificial insemination procedures in Ukraine.

She became pregnant after undergoing several artificial inseminations in Ukraine. The three boys and one girl were born prematurely at 26 weeks in a Berlin hospital but had "good chances of survival" according to the medical report of the hospital.

The Berlin mother, Annegret Raunigk, is a retired Anglo-Russian teacher who, in addition to being the mother of 13 children, is the grandmother of seven grandsons and granddaughters! RTL said that these new births made this woman, the oldest mother of quadruplets in the world!

Attempt that was not supposed to be a success but that will have been more than that!

Raunigk made the headlines in April 2015 when the German press reported for the first time that her latest attempt at artificial insemination had resulted in a quadruple pregnancy. At the time, she said she had decided to have another child because her youngest daughter, who was then nine years old, wanted a younger sibling, according to RTL.

The tabloid Bil dam Sonntag quoted Raunigk, whose eldest daughter is 44, recalling that it was "a shock" when doctors first announced her a quadrupled pregnancy.

"After the doctor discovered that there were four, I had to think about it first."

But she did not consider reducing the number of embryos and said she had no reservations about the challenge she was facing.

German woman gives birth to quadruplets at 65

"I'm not really scared, I just assume I'll stay healthy and fit. In terms of organization, I have enough experience, it's not new at all for me. She told the Bild.

The journalists also asked Raunigk how she felt it was necessary to be 65 years old. She simply responded by saying, "How should you be at age 65? People seem to always need to find clichés about it, and I find it rather tiring. So I think it's something you decide for yourself. "

She also adds that initially, she just wanted to have a child, and she had absolutely nothing planned. It should also be remembered that Annegret had already made headlines in the German press ten years ago, when she gave birth to her thirteenth child, Lelia at the age of 55.

A story probably incredible but also very enjoyable and could even give hope to some people who still have not had the opportunity to have offspring. Because, to tell the truth, rules and generalities are one thing, whereas what nature really does in many cases is a different story!