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His Wife Is Dead, Yet Everyone Hears Cries Coming From The  Coffin

His Wife Is Dead, Yet Everyone Hears Cries Coming From The Coffin

His Wife Is Dead, Yet Everyone Hears Cries Coming From The  Coffin

Losing a loved one is something that each of us must have lived more than once in our lifetime, it's always a very difficult thing to do, especially when you're talking strong and unwavering links. We have also more than once wished that these same individuals come back to life to stay longer with us, and that's about what this woman has experienced.

You wake up inside a dark casket. You can not move or leave, you are afraid because you really do not know if it's only a nightmare or if it's real!

 Return to Life, The Extraordinary Case

To tell the truth, the story we are going to tell you today proves that it can happen and for real. That's what happened to a pregnant 16-year-old girl in Honduras. The girl named Neysi Perez was found unconscious in the restroom one night and she was presumed dead after the hospital and local priest said she had no sign of life.

His Wife Is Dead, Yet Everyone Hears Cries Coming From The  Coffin

The family of the regretted therefore decided not to waste time and to bury it as soon as possible in the general cemetery of La Entrada since they had no money to embalm the body of Neysi.

After his friends and family buried him that night, the fisherman Jesus Vuillanueva had the fright of his life when he heard cries from the coffin, which led him to flee thinking that there was a ghost inside.

When her husband, Rudy Gonzales, visited his coffinthe day after the burial, he also heard screams. He immediately asked for the help of the guard to get her out.

His family arrived after learning the news and tried to open the coffin without wasting too much time. She was then taken back to the hospital after being removed from the casket but she was still clinically dead.

Alive or dead? Everyone ignores it

Neysi's cousin Carolina Perez said, "Once we took her out of the coffin, I put my hand on her body. She was still hot and I felt a slight heartbeat inside her body. She had scratches on her forehead and bruises on her fingers. It looked like he had desperately tried to get out of the coffin and was hurt. "

However, after desperately trying to revive her, the doctors finally confirmed that she was dead. Neysi was returned to his coffin and buried again. His family believes that Neysi was buried alive and blamed the hospital for being reckless by declaring her dead.

Local media reports that Neysi may have been attacked by cataplexy, a form of aggravated panic attack caused by extreme stress, resulting in muscle paralysis and a temporary loss of heart rate.

Dead or alive? Finally, we will unfortunately not have the answer to this question and the young woman will have carried the mystery with her, but for good this time. One more mystery to add to the long list of enigmas that life conceals by which we can only be amazed.