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Hunza Never Get Sick, Have And Live To 120 Years. Here Is Their Secret!

Hunza Never Get Sick, Have And Live To 120 Years. Here Is Their Secret!

Hunza Never Get Sick

In the North of Pakistan, in the Valley of the Immortals, is a people with incredible history and magical destiny. Legend has it that the Hunza, a Shiite Ismaili people, enjoy extraordinary powers, including that of immortality ... Extraordinary capacities that would be even more careful to qualify, but which nevertheless gives them a health of iron and the possibility of living until more than 120 years, without incurable diseases ! What is the secret of this eternally young people?

If the stories of people who lived in good health until a very advanced age and despite the vagaries of life abound on the Internet, it will certainly surprise you! The Hunza, a Muslim Pakistani people live "perched" at more than 2400 meters above sea level, at the top of the Hunza Valley in northern Pakistan. Nicknamed the "Valley of the Immortals", it is home to one of the happiest and most optimistic people we know! A joie de vivre that gives them a longevity of the most impressive and extraordinary health. There are also very few or almost no cases of patients in this region of the world!

Sometimes living up to more than 120 years (with a record of 145 years for some), the Hunza do not contract any disease and seem to stay young visibly, even if not at all their age! Their skin almost does not sag, their limbs do not hurt them, and so on. in short, they stay young despite the passing years! It is even said that at 40, some women seem to appear 20 less! But what is their secret of youth?

A balanced diet

Despite a relatively simple lifestyle, on the edge of insecurity, the Hunza swear only by a healthy and balanced diet to hope to maintain their shape. A diet that consists for them to feed exclusively on seasonal fruits and vegetables and raw sheep's cheese, sun-dried apricots or sprouted grains (especially in winter). According to some medical estimates, this would correspond to just over 1900 calories a day.

A climate like no other

In addition, the Hunza enjoy a mountain climate conducive to rest, something to help them a little more to feel relaxed and therefore less subject to stress! Far from being slackers, the Hunza are also hardworking people whose daily lives are always doing their best to deserve their dinner! They also practice all kinds of sports, considered a true elixir of youth for them including walking! A climate and clean air that strengthen their immunity and help them among other things never to contract diseases.

An ice bath

The Hunza have the habit of washing in water at low temperatures, sometimes even frozen, which greatly promotes the preservation of their youth capital.

Moreover, if they seem to take care of their health without even realizing it because too much used to this philosophy of life, it is necessary to know that the Hunza take care nevertheless to respect a certain number of criteria since they remain all likewise aware that their exemplary hygiene of life depends on it!

A - The Hunza are vegetarians

As mentioned above, the Hunza feed exclusively on raw fruits and vegetables, and in season, moreover! The only food they eat and which comes from the animal? Sheep's cheese!

B - The Hunza do not consume sugar and do not drink alcohol

These foods, once consumed by Hunza, have been banned for decades for their food habits. What to get rid of some calories too much!

C - The Hunza consume very little salt!

Salt is also rare on Hunza plates. They also prefer raw food, so natural, and without additives!

D - The Hunza regularly practice fasting

Muslims, the Hunza have a habit of fasting throughout the month of Ramadan, but that's not all! They practice fasting on any occasion, without necessarily being denominational! Thus, water fasting is found to be very popular with them.