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Woman Whose Husband Dies After Couple Fights. Now His Wife Has An Important Message For All

Woman Whose Husband Dies After Couple Fights. Now His Wife Has An Important Message For All

As we all know, disputes are inevitable in relationships. Sometimes they can end badly but if the couple manages to overcome them, these arguments can instead strengthen their relationship. Both partners must learn to communicate, even the most critical subjects, without hurting themselves, without being violent and without putting their love to bad. This is the case of this young couple who after an argument, his life has totally changed.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of couples are in crisis. Yes, the results are shocking. In addition, according to a recent study in Britain, couples compete on average 312 times a year and especially on Thursday around 20h. Today, Ashley Murrell, a 33-year-old British girl, tells us her sad and painful story.

Never go to bed angry "

This expression is the advice Ashley Murrell gave after discovering the body of her lifeless husband on the couch after a big fight the day before. Almost all the young couples have heard this phrase before, but Ashley, a mother of three, discovered it a little late.

After an argument, Ashley asked her husband to sleep on the couch, but what she discovered in the early morning shook her whole life. Her husband was no longer moving and no longer breathing, he was dead.

Today, Ashley has a message and an important tip to pass to all couples.

Ashley and her husband, Mikey, met in 2007 and married three years later. Mikey has adopted Ashley's daughter, now 14 years old. In 2013, the couple had twins, Lisa and Mikey Junior.

Mikey, 36, worked as a carpet cleaner. One night, when he came home very tired from a long day of work that lasted 16 hours, Ashley and he began to argue. Whenever Mikey came home from work, he was always exhausted, and Ashley was sorry to see him work so much. She knew the family needed money, but she did not like seeing Mikey still tired. She felt like he was about to explode.

"When he came back that night, he was exhausted. I have never seen him in this state. I could not look at him like that and I got angry. I could not stand it anymore, Ashley said for a newspaper.

That night, Ashley had asked Mikey to sleep on the couch, and it was the last time she went to see her husband alive. The next morning, when she entered the living room, Ashley immediately realized that something was wrong. Mikey was exactly where he was the day before and his face was completely gray.

Ashley touched him and noticed that he was cold. She panicked and shouted. She ran outside and shouted "Mikey is dead" before collapsing and fainting. The neighbors helped her get up and called an ambulance.

Ashley felt so guilty, she was angry at herself for making her husband sleep on the couch. After Mikey's death, Ashley discovered why he worked so many hours. He was saving to make a nice surprise to his wife. It was a trip to Prague to celebrate their wedding anniversary on July 3rd. Discovering this, Ashley was completely upset.

Woman Whose Husband Dies After Couple Fights

Mikey's death gave Ashley a new vision of life. Now she wants to spend as much time as possible with her family.

The autopsy showed that Mikey had died while sleeping, but the reason for the death is still uncertain and unknown. Some time ago, Mikey injured his back while he was raising something, and Ashley thinks it could have been the cause of his death.

On June 8, Mikey was buried and Ashley shared a few words during the funeral: "Love and embrace those you love and tell them you care about them. Let them know that you love them because they will not always be here. "

Getting closer to the people we love, forgiving those who have hurt us one day, and giving love to live in harmony and enjoy every moment before it is too late.