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If You Have Moles On Any Of These 7 Places In Your Body, Here's What It Means!

If You Have Moles On Any Of These 7 Places In Your Body, Here's What It Means!

Each person is unique in personality, intelligence, and sensitivity. However the list is still long. Some marks on the body make us unique, such as dimples, birthmarks or moles.

Moles can be a real asset of seduction. Moreover, some world famous stars like Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendes, Black Lively, Laetitia Casta or Demi Moore, are proud to show their moles on all occasions and some make their mark, as Marilyn Monroe who drew in black pencil on his cheek. She had already understood the usefulness of the mole in the field of seduction.

Moles are not just a tool of seduction but may reflect some of your behavior.

The interpretation of moles is called metoposcopy. This discipline has been inscribed over time as a divinatory art. Indeed, this method takes into account the location of the mole on different parts of the body to determine its influence on the personality of the subject. The metoposcopy made its appearance in Mesopotamia, in Egypt and in China and like the other divinatory arts, it landed in Europe at the rebirth.

The places of moles and their significance

There are several locations of moles, however, we selected the most representative. Here is a list of 7 moles, look at where yours is and find out what it means:

1 - A mole on the temple:

The mole on the temple is synonymous with travel opportunity. If you have a mole at this location it means you will have a business trip or a pleasure trip.

2 - A mole between the eyebrows:

A mole placed in this place is related to a career development. This may presage a promotion or a salary increase.

3 - A mole between the eye and the eyebrow

If you have a mole here, it means that you are a flexible person, ready to adapt. You are right with people and you completely assume your leadership status.

4 - A mole on the upper lip:

Having a mole on top of the lip means that you are concerned about your diet and your clothing. You have a relationship potential that makes you very popular with your loved ones.

5 - A mole on the cheekbone:

Reflect your competence and your position in the professional environment, you will be able to increase your wealth.

6 - A mole on the palm of the hand:

Having a mole in the palm of your hand means that you will never run out of money. You are smart and you have the opportunity to have a position of responsibility. On the other hand, if you have a mole in the back of your hand, it means you have strong financial management skills and are good at economics.

7 - A mole on the feet:

If you have a mole on your feet, get ready to be a real globetrotter. You will discover and enjoy other cultures and different culinary arts. You are also very popular in your workplace which will help you to be a leader and a leader.