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If Your Man Does These 14 Things, Congratulations, You Have Found A Real Man!

If Your Man Does These 14 Things, Congratulations, You Have Found A Real Man!

If Your Man Does These 14 Things, Congratulations You Have Found A Real Man!

Everyone is looking for the ideal partner to lead a happy and well-balanced life. When you are a woman, the goal is not to go looking for the prince charming riding his white stallion, far from it. It is rather a question of finding the man who completes it on certain points and resembles him on others. But there is nevertheless a crucial point in this equation: to make the difference between a man, a real man and a boy!

You probably need a man who can dress and talk properly, a man who is not ashamed to express his love, his thoughts and who has a sense of humor.

So we have made for you a list of points that will let you know if you have to do to a real man or not:

1 - His personal hygiene is very important to him, he takes care to cut his fingernails and carve the nose hair.

2 - It is someone who has character, a philosophy of life, a career and a personal life well balanced.

3 - He is one of those men who do not wait for days to call their sweetheart, and when they do, it is to spend time together around a dinner for example to have a great time in mind -headed.

4 - He does not hesitate to let a woman know that she is interested, and even if he does not say it explicitly, he makes him understand that he had a good time in his company. And if he does not, he lets her know that he is not interested in not losing his time believing that it can become something serious.

5 - It's the kind of men to love reading, it does not matter if it's about books or newspapers, it is an opinion of a little everything. He has a certain critical sense and is not closed-minded when he has to do to a person with different thinking. He even likes this, since it is an opportunity for him to debate and exchange ideas.

6 - He is a gentleman, he takes care to always open the doors and remove the coat from over your shoulders once inside.

7 - When he wants to have physical intimacy with a woman, he begins by seducing her because he knows that this is the best way to start a relationship reciprocally sensual.

8 - He appreciates the fact that a woman is in love with him, but he will do anything to charm her.

9 - He wants to be with a woman who is autonomous and independent, a woman capable of traveling the world at her side.

10 - He wants a woman who loves him for what he is and not for his financial situation or his material possessions.

11 - He is a man with a career, interests, family, close friends and he wants his life partner to share all this with him

12 - He already knows himself well, he is aware of his own character and of what he really wants. He values the things he ignores instead of doing the opposite. He is able to be completely honest with himself, which allows him to be honest with others.

13 - He is proud of the woman with whom he makes his life and does not hesitate to share with him his success whatever they are.

14 - He's not a boy, he's a man. So, it's not a girl he's looking for, but an accomplished woman. He needs a woman who brings him something beneficial in his life, which teaches him something new. He is not ashamed to wait to find this woman or fight for it. And once he finds her, he knows he has found happiness. She also on her side, she realizes how lucky she is to fall on such a man!