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This Mom Buys Blocks And Uses Them As I Never Thought. Here Are 15 Amazing Ideas

This Mom Buys Blocks And Uses Them As I Never Thought. Here Are 15 Amazing Ideas

This mom buys blocks

The house is a refuge where you can relax after a hard day's work, where you receive your family, share your sorrows and live unforgettable moments. So, to feel good at home, decoration is essential. And since we do not all have the budget to embark on a decoration worthy of an interior designer, here are amazing deco ideas to make with blocks!

Although blocks of blocks seem unsightly, it is possible to use them in such a way to offer a unique decoration to its interior, but also its exteriors, while preserving its budget. To repaint or use raw, the blocks become easily decorative. So here are 15 amazing deco ideas that will inspire you!

15 amazing decor ideas for using concrete blocks

The outdoor stairs

To make original outdoor stairs, stack blocks and fill them with gravel.

TV stand

You want a functional TV cabinet to accommodate your DVDs, CDs and accessories of all kinds? The blocks are the solution! Stack them then add some varnished wooden boards.

An outdoor bench

For a cozy moment outside, nothing better than a bench made with a few blocks of blocks and wooden planks. Add cushions and voila!

A unique gardener

Complement your garden with various planters. Use the blocks then some logs, tiling or any material of your convenience. Let your imagination speak!

A bedside table

Realize in record time a surprising and functional bedside table with three blocks. Efficiency guaranteed!

A solid bed base

To find yourself in the arms of Morpheus without risking to leave a batten latte, opt for a bed frame in blocks.

An effective barbecue

In order to have an efficient barbecue in your garden, use block blocks and then fill them with gravel. Add a grill on the top for chef grills!

Garden furniture

A few blocks of breeze blocks, paint and wooden planks will allow you to build original and unique garden furniture!

A colorful sofa

Create a colorful sofa for your toddlers' bedroom by stacking blocks and adding a futon mattress and cushions. Use cheerful colors for a fun atmosphere!

A trend library

For a trendy, low-priced library, take advantage of block blocks and wooden planks.

A wall planter

Turn your wall into an original planter! All you have to do is lay some blocks horizontally and decorate them with pots of flowers.

An outdoor bar

For a blooming outdoor bar, stack block blocks vertically and horizontally. Finally, add a waxed wooden board and enjoy a cocktail on the terrace!

A pyramid planter

To style your garden, make a pyramid planter. You can leave it raw or repaint it with bright colors.

An outdoor buffet

In order to receive the world and to have an original decoration, use blocks of blocks as well as two large boards of wood. Friendly moments at the key!

An outdoor lounge

For an industrial style outdoor living room, some blocks and wooden beams suffice. You will have room for all of your family and friends!