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The 3 Most Faithful Men According To Their Zodiac Sign

The 3 Most Faithful Men According To Their Zodiac Sign

most Faithful Men According To Their Zodiac Sign

All women of the world dream of a faithful man, who can love them and appreciate them to their true value. If some men blithely deceive their companions without any remorse, others on the other hand remain faithful to them, because everything is only a matter of principle in the end! Discover the 3 most faithful zodiac signs in love ladies!

Nearly 50% of men said they had already cheated on their partner, against only 15% of women, 27% of them said they had done at least four times in a year! An impressive figure, but one that does not reflect the reality of some couples for whom loyalty remains the key word of the relationship!

Only, among the remaining faithful men, are perhaps the holders of the following zodiac signs. Discover which ones:


Cancer men love deeply. They are very sensitive and are also very empathetic. For them, nothing beats a relationship based on values such as respect, sharing and above all, fidelity! When they love, it's for life, and few things or people can really make them change their minds about it! They worship such a cult to the concept of commitment that it scares them to not be able to live up to what their partner expects from them.

In addition, Cancer men remain very attached to their family. Spending time with their partner and their children (if they have any) is definitely the best thing in the world for them.

The men of the sign of Taurus and Capricorn also seem to share the same values and the same vision of life.

The Leo

For fear of being deceived one day, Lion men tend to never cheat on their partner! They are attentive, passionate and always have the habit of highlighting the qualities of their beloved (probably because they would like her to do the same with them).

A true bon vivant, the Lion likes to enjoy life and its pleasures, but above all, likes to be able to share this state of mind with his partner. This is probably why the Lion loves to book a few surprises to the one he loves. Tolerant and open-minded, this one prefers by far the long and serious relations contrary to what one could believe.

Sagittarius and Aries seem to join the Lion on many points about their way of conceiving fidelity!


Capricorn men tend to want to spend a lot more time with themselves than with their friends or family. Nevertheless, when it comes to their darlings, they can be very demonstrative, and above all, very present. To be faithful to one's companion? The Capricorn man does not even ask the question as this is obvious to him. Long and serious relationships? They are very fond of it!

The Capricorn man supports his partner in all his projects and enjoys helping him achieve his goals. He is honest, wise, and will not hesitate to tell you the truth even if it can sometimes hurt you. To be a moral support for your partner? Here's what he does best!