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A Mother Was Expecting Twins, But Was Shocked When The Doctor Told Her The Truth

A Mother Was Expecting Twins, But Was Shocked When The Doctor Told Her The Truth

A Mother Was Expecting Twins

In Scotland, a woman gave birth to twins. If this information seems to you at first innocuous, it is very little, because the twins in question have a most disconcerting physical peculiarity! Discover which one!

Alanna Merrie and her husband Paul, became in November 2015 the happy parents of Troy and Kaius, two little boys born in very good health.

Special feature of this couple? Alanna's father had two twin brothers, while his mother also had twins in her family! The chances of giving birth to twins were high for Alanna and Paul. They were overjoyed when they heard the news. The doctors were able to tell from the first ultrasound that the babies were doing well and that they were in very good health! What reassure future parents who were waiting for the arrival of their offspring impatiently!

Newborns very fit!

Troy and Kaius Merri, it's the story of the biggest twins in Scotland! Indeed, with 3 kg 683 and 3 kg 674 respectively, the small Troy and Kaius broke the record for the biggest newborns in their country. A performance in no way orchestrated, when we know that Alanna took only 10 kg during her pregnancy and that she watched, throughout this one, to monitor her diet.

After a few months of pregnancy, Alanna recalls being surprised at the size of her belly. At a time when some women do not seem pregnant arrived at 4 months of pregnancy, Alanna, she was already 6 or 7!

At the end of the 9 months, his belly was literally like a rugby ball!

She's the same doctor, Alanna has never suspected that her babies may be a little bigger than average. If their weight seems to be correct compared to babies born alone (between 2 kg 600 and 4 kg on average in the world), theirs is quite incredible since they are two! Indeed, twins are born on average with well under 3 kg each!

Parents already of a little girl, the Merries lived a magic birth thanks to their twins! A birth that Alanna and Paul are not ready to forget and a real feat for those little darlings just arrived on earth, and who made their parents could not be more proud!