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Never Turn On The Air Conditioning After Starting Your Car

Never Turn On The Air Conditioning After Starting Your Car

Never Turn On The Air Conditioning After Starting Your Car

During a beautiful summer day, where the heat is in full swing, it is not uncommon for us to use air conditioning inside homes or in vehicles. But what many people do not know is that improper use of this function can have particularly harmful effects on our health and well-being.

The risks of thermal shock

Although often pointed out, it is not air conditioning in itself that is at the root of many of our daily calvaries. The real culprit is thermal shock, and as its name suggests, it results from a sudden temperature change, because the human body is not made to withstand sudden temperature changes beyond the 10 ° C. When you enter your vehicle and start up the air conditioning, it's the balance of our respiratory system that takes a serious blow, which is weakened and leaves the field free for all kinds of bacteria and other infections. This is why it is always recommended to set the air conditioning at 4 degrees lower than the outside temperature.

Pollution inside the vehicle itself

All vehicles are equipped with a filter system to purify as much air as possible before it reaches the passenger compartment. But the question we often do not ask is, "Will these filters always stay as clean as the first day?"

The answer is of course "no! Because over time, a number of impurities such as bacteria, dust, mold and other pollen accumulate in these filters and can make your vehicle a perfect environment for the development of more than one disease and allergy!

And as when we use the air conditioning, we close the windows, say that it is far from arranging things! So, the best thing to do is to check your air conditioning and air filtration system at least once a year!

What you expose yourself by starting the air conditioning as soon as you enter the vehicle

A habit that so many people have everyday, but what many people do not know is that such a thing can be very dangerous for your health. Whenever you leave your car after closing the windows, all the time it is parked, it accumulates benzene. When you park it in the shade, it accumulates between 400 and 800 mg of benzene. But do you know that the benzene level reaches 2000 to 4000 mg when your car is directly exposed to sunlight?

The difference between the two situations is huge! Since it is a quantity of benzene 40 times greater than the harmless level.

In other words, when you sit in your car and the windows are closed, you inhale the very dangerous benzene. Excessive inhalation of a significant amount of benzene is toxic and inevitably affects the lungs, liver, bone tissue and kidneys. Knowing that the body needs some time to get rid of all inhaled benzene!

Have you ever wondered why it is marked in the car manual that you have to open the windows before turning on the air conditioning? How could doctors explain this?

The air conditioning in your vehicle removes hot air before you start cooling it. It also eliminates benzene, which is carcinogenic. Which means that by opening the windows, you allow this benzene driven from inside your car to be evacuated instead of staying there. Make sure that the windows stay open for several minutes before conditioning the air.

Tips that are designed above all to protect your health and that of yours, like what, simple everyday actions can avoid many problems!