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A Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time With With Fools

A Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time With With Fools

Strong Woman

There is no question of going around the bush, being a couple can be entertaining or even wonderful. Nevertheless, most of the time, this is not the case at all. Can you count all the relationships that have failed in your life? This must be due to a guy who did not even bother to call you back or who did not respect you anymore!

The truth is that you do not need such a relationship

You do not have to wait for someone who calls or respects you. You do not need a person who will spend his time lying to you or who does not love you as you are.

Maybe he's smart and attractive, and nobody's perfect, so you think it's worth giving him one last chance. You tell yourself that it will eventually change. While the reality is he does not want to! Everyone has his faults, but lying and being unfaithful are choices. Of the choices he made knowingly, you do not need such a person!

Sometimes men who are the most attractive, physically speaking, are rarely good partners. Reason why, some women prefer not to take this risk and stay single until one day they end up on the right guy! Which is rather a good decision! But what can sometimes be better is to review its criteria, because they can do us harm without being aware of it.

Not depending on others to be oneself

This will allow you to do everything you want every day. There will be no one to judge you if you do your nails or stay home all weekend watching reality TV. Over time, you will eventually break down this emotional dependence on others, and you will realize that being alone does not necessarily mean feeling lonely, because that feeling you can have even while in a relationship, a bad. Being alone can sometimes be liberating!

You do not need a person who will prevent you from being yourself, who will push you to not pursue your dreams, to sacrifice for her when she does not deserve it. You do not need someone to make you happy or make you want to do things, it's up to you to have that flame in you. Happiness is not a feeling that others give you, it is something that already exists in each of us but that is developed or buried by a whole lot of factors and processes.

Learn To Enjoy Life For Yourself

Do not be misled by soft eyes or beautiful words especially when they are those of a person who is not serious. What will make you happy is to feel good about yourself and to be free.

The day you enter into a relationship, try to choose your Jules well and do not lose sight of the fact that you have everything you need, and it is not out of necessity that you engage with this person. Once you understand these points, you will find that you are able to see life with your own eyes and not with others and enjoy it for yourself.

A relationship is not just about appearance, it's just a small part of it. The three essential pillars of a healthy relationship are love, respect and complicity. If you do not have these three elements in their entirety, then it must certainly be a question of a toxic relationship that will bring you harm, so prefer celibacy to such situations if you want to avoid misfortunes!