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The Best Recipe Against Hair Loss Has Left The Dermatologists Open-mouthed

The Best Recipe Against Hair Loss Has Left The Dermatologists Open-mouthed

Best Recipe Against Hair Loss

All women without exception wish to have healthy and shiny hair. The current market offers different products, and it is often said that this or that product will grow your hair faster and also make it healthier. But unfortunately, some of them are inefficient and others are particularly expensive. And it is for this reason that in this article we intend to give you a recipe that is an excellent solution for effective hair growth in a natural way!

The reasons behind hair loss in older women

At menopause, the levels of female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) fall, the hair becomes more sensitive to testosterone (male hormone), resulting in a loss of diameter of the hair fiber, with shorter life cycles . We lose them more quickly. And this can sometimes go as far as androgenic alopecia, that is to say similar to that affecting men.

In this process, the blood exchange in the hair bulb is less well, therefore, the root is clearly less well nourished, given that it receives less oxygen and nutrients for good growth.

When the hair is refined and its renewal becomes much slower, we have a general impression of loss of volume. The hair also becomes less resistant and more sensitive to different aggressions (coloring, UV rays, chlorine, pollution, hot plates, blow drying etc ...). This is how they become more brittle and thinner. This also means that the scalp produces less sebum, which makes the hair tend to become drier.

Miracle recipe to promote hair growth

It's one of the most famous and effective natural recipes! Your hair will grow faster and they will shine after only a few uses!

A person loses on average between 50 and 100 hairs each day, but we hardly notice it. So, if you want to have healthier hair and avoid greater hair loss, here is the right remedy for you!

  • ½ a glass of beer
  • ½ a banana
  • A tablespoon of honey
  • An egg yolk

Instructions :

Just put all the ingredients in a blender and mix until you get a homogeneous blend with a smooth texture.

How to use this remedy?

Take this mixture and apply it to the affected areas. You should let it work for 2-3 hours. The feeling of warmth on your head will mean that the mixture does indeed work and penetrates your scalp. After 2-3 hours, wash your hair as you normally do.

Repeat the treatment once every 7 days until you begin to notice an improvement! You will be surprised by the effectiveness of this remedy!

It is also very advisable to massage your scalp as regularly as possible after each treatment and shampoo, not in order to have only a moment of relaxation but also in order to activate the microcirculation, which favors the exchanges blood and improves the penetration of different assets. Not to mention that stimulation of the scalp softens the skin of the skull!