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A Mother Wants To Warn Other Parents: Toddler Fell At A Trampoline Park And Ihad A Tragic Accident.

A Mother Wants To Warn Other Parents: Toddler Fell At A Trampoline Park And Ihad A Tragic Accident.

Toddler Fell At A Trampoline Park

Parents experience the growth of their child with enthusiasm and especially want to make him discover the world around him. This world filled with surprises and unforeseen. A mother had a traumatic experience during the growth of her 3-year-old child.

The child goes through strategic steps for his development. From birth to adolescence, the body continues to evolve. Here are the main steps in a child's development.

The development of the child

The first year: in this stage, we find a growth in the motor capacity of the baby. In other words, baby's movements are progressing. At the age of 2 to 4 months, the baby rolls on itself, then it begins to sit between the age of 5 and 8 months, and then beyond ten months usually the baby takes his first steps . Come after several phases until the child reaches the age of puberty.

This means that the human body requires a lot of time to develop, especially when it comes to bones. The bones in children are different from those of adults, they are indeed more fragile, this is due to the process of ossification.

The phenomenon of ossification and the bones of children:

Ossification is the natural phenomenon that allows the bone to solidify. Between childhood and puberty, the cartilaginous or fibrous tissues undergo a gradual hardening. The direction of bone development is from the center to the limbs and from the brain to the lower body. That being said, the bones of children contain water, with advancing age some bones harden and others weld together and form a larger bone piece. The bones are soft and very fragile. This is why we must be vigilant with young children especially when it comes to games soliciting strong bones.

Games not recommended for children under 6:

Many games are harmful to children like those that affect the view including 3-dimensional games. Violent games are also discouraged because they develop aggression in children or games that can have an impact on bone development such as trampoline.

The effect of trampoline in children:

Children and trampolines do not mix. According to specialists, children under 5 should not play trampoline. Moreover, this game would be responsible for serious injuries or even fractures. Pediatricians warn about its use and some parents have experienced trauma from this game. The story of Kaitlin Hill and her family is the perfect example.

The drama of Carlton

Wanted to make the happiness of their youngest, Carlton, just 3 years old, they take him to a playground where he could have fun as he jumped on the trampoline.

Toddler Fell At A Trampoline Park

At first the child was thrilled, filled with happiness and then comes the tragedy. Carlton begins to twist with pain. Seeing her child in this state, Kaitlin, the mother, did not wait long to bring him back to the emergency room. When Kaitlin was told about the nature of her son's problem, she was flabbergasted and pale. Emergency doctors told him that his son had a broken femur, the longest and strongest bone of the body.

Toddler Fell At A Trampoline Park

In addition to this tragic event, the mother had the coup de grace following information that the trampoline was forbidden to children under six when her son is only 3 years old.

This information is unknown to most parents, this is the reason that pushed this mother to share his drama in social networks to warn as many parents as possible. And this to prevent other parents from experiencing what she has experienced.

Toddler Fell At A Trampoline Park

If you have family members or friends who have young children, share this story around you.