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Urgent Firefighter Warning: Never Do It With An Extension Cord!

Urgent Firefighter Warning: Never Do It With An Extension Cord!

Urgent warning from firefighters

Extension cords and power strips are very useful equipment at home, but beware of the dangers that can result from not following certain rules. A manufacturer of extension cords has issued a warning to warn the public about the risks of these products especially when they are used with portable heaters! this warning is echoed by firefighters who in turn alert!

During the cold winter months, many people use small electric heaters to add warmth to their interiors. These products are a significant source of heat and can be responsible for many fire starting. In France, 30% of domestic fires listed each year are of electrical origin. Indeed, plugging this kind of equipment on an extension cord can cause it to overheat, something that will systematically trigger the fire!

Avoid overheating extension cords to prevent fire!

An electrical fire is triggered when a cable or appliance heats up abnormally to ignite materials or create a short circuit.

But this can also create sparks that do not necessarily trip the meter but spontaneously ignite the cables and plugs. Whether the dwelling is old or new, the risk of electric fire is real!

Often in bedrooms or living rooms, there are extensions on which are connected decoders, smartphones, electric heaters and many other materials.

Urgent warning from firefighters

Basic rules for the use of power strips and heating:

It is important to ensure that the current drawn by all devices connected to the power strip does not exceed the current limit indicated on the power strip to prevent overheating.

An extension cord must never be left connected to a receptacle unless it is connected to an electrical appliance, so an extension cord must be disconnected as soon as its use is complete.

Always check the operating instructions for the amount of electricity consumed by your electric heater to avoid overloading the extension cord. The ideal is to connect the heater directly into a wall socket.

Place the heater away from furniture, drapes and other flammable fabrics.

Keep the distances in the bathroom, never put extension cords and power strips in contact with water.

Avoid prolonged use of these electrical devices.

Check regularly that the smoke detector is working properly to avoid being a victim of a house fire.

Another important safety rule is to never connect a power strip to another power strip.

In his post Facebook, the manufacturer has published a photo of an extension that caught fire because of overheating, he asked people never to connect the heater on an extension cord. The manufacturer has also encouraged users to share the message to warn citizens!

Urgent warning from firefighters

It is of utmost importance to note that electrical installations age naturally, like all materials, so they can become dangerous as they age due to wear and tear. An old installation can present a real danger if it is solicited by products of last generations.

Urgent warning from firefighters