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You Want To Know Who Were You In Your Past Life ? Read This!

You Want To Know Who Were You In Your Past Life ? Read This!

Our date of birth is much more than a day to celebrate and celebrate our existence. It is an event that can determine our past, our present and our future. Here is a rather interesting interpretation to make you discover who you were in a previous life.

1 - July 14 to 28, September 23 to 27, October 3 to 17
You were a Guru with a big heart.

You were a leader and a spiritual guide for people. Thanks to your charm and intelligence, you were an influential and helpful person.
Today you do not like loneliness and you love helping people in need. You are not very sociable and sometimes you are even rather eccentric. You know what you want and how to get it. When you are in love, your actions follow your logic more than your heart.

2 - From January 22nd to 31st, from September 8th to 22nd
You were a free spirit.

You were dreamy and you enjoyed entertaining people. Today, you are a sensitive person but you do not always show it. You are dreamy, lively and insightful.

3 - From July 29 to August 11, from October 30 to November 7
You were a famous vigilante.

You were characterized by your coolness and your tact. You were a good speaker and an excellent writer.

In your present life, you are very frank, pacifist and honest. You like to help the poor and you engage in humanitarian activities.

4 - January 8 to 21, February 1 to 11
You were a Robin Hood.

Your motto was: "Steal from the rich to give to the poor. "
Today you are an idealist but more cautious than before. You think before acting but you have a lot of love to offer.

5 - From March 1st to 10th, from November 27th to December 18th
You were an emperor in your previous life:

You were a proud, intelligent and ambitious ruler.
Now you do not like being controlled by others. You love your freedom and you do everything to keep it. You are individualistic and reject all collective activity. You are selfish and all your romantic relationships do not last long.

6 - From February 12 to 29, from August 20 to 31
You were the king's favorite.

You had never achieved anything by violence and you conquered many people. On the other hand, the jealousy of your enemies has caused you many wrongs.
Today you are sensitive and do not like to interfere in your business.

7 - From April 20th to May 8th, from August 12th to 19th
You were a formidable conqueror.

You were megalomaniac and loved to impose yourself in any circumstance.
Today you hate authority and authoritarian people. You are pacifist and in harmony with what surrounds you.

8 - May 9 to 27, June 29 to July 13
You were a sage in your previous life.

You have learned that glory is a double-edged sword. You forced yourself to make no mistake.
Today, you trust your surroundings, you are authoritarian and enjoy a good reputation.

9 - March 11 to 31, October 18 to 29, December 19 to 31
You were a great speaker.

You were smart and strategist. You have kept the oratorical qualities you enjoyed in the past. You seek to build strong relationships with others.

10 - From May 28 to June 18, from September 28 to October 2
You were an adventurer with a tender heart.

Before, you liked to surround yourself with people and discover new places, but now you are an independent person and have different interests.

11 - April 1 to 19, November 8 to 17
You were a notorious rebel.

You were sociable and adept at white magic but now you are authoritarian and have a critical mind. You are sensitive and focused on psychology.

12 - From January 1st to 7th, from November 18th to 26th
You were a great intellectual.

You were honest and intelligent and did not worry about your enemies. Today, you recognize the value of the sense of obligation and duty towards others and you are always brilliant.