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This Woman Has Spent 90,000$ To Be A Mother At 48 Year Old

This Woman Has Spent 90,000$ To Be A Mother At 48 Year Old

This Woman Has Spent 90,000$ To Be A Mother At 48

Among the life goals of most couples after marriage, there is the desire to have a child and to start a family. Indeed, some women consider that the logical outcome of the outcome of their femininity and their life as a couple is to have a baby, especially past a certain age.

Indeed, being pregnant becomes for a large part women, an obsession, at the limit of the vital need, from a biological and psychological point of view. This is because being pregnant and giving birth is a feminine ideal that has been embedded in society for a long time. However, pregnancy is not always a long calm river. Between pregnancy symptoms and complications, couples face various problems, the hardest of which is the loss of the child.

The miscarriages

One of the main causes of a child's loss is spontaneous abortion, that is, miscarriage. Occurring at the beginning or the end of the pregnancy, we talk about miscarriages until the sixth month of pregnancy and beyond, premature deliveries.

The symptoms of a miscarriage are characterized by increased blood loss and abdominal pain, more or less intense. However, a pregnant woman may bleed slightly on the date of her period of menstruation during the first two to three months of pregnancy. It is therefore important to consult a health professional to determine if it is a spontaneous abortion. In this case, you may experience severe pain when you expel the egg.

Most miscarriages are caused by chromosomal malformations. This is an anomaly at the time of transmission of the genetic information of the spermatozoon and the egg. Second, spontaneous abortions can be caused by maternal or general infections as well as aggravating factors such as certain drugs, exposure to dangerous substances, malnutrition or hormonal insufficiency.

However, when recurrent miscarriages occur, it should be determined if there are permanent causes such as kidney disease, vascular disease, diabetes, a congenital malformation or immune causes.

Repetitive miscarriages psychologically disturb each partner because the woman, like the man at a certain intensity, must face a real mourning of the desired and expected child in order to redesign a baby. And it takes a lot of courage, as the story of the Warneford family proves.

The incredible story of the Warneford family

Louise and Mark Warneford had to make the decision to stop trying to have a child after 18 miscarriages. Indeed, Louise suffers from a disease that causes the destruction of embryos.

His body rejects embryos because of "killer cells". After trying all other methods to conceive children such as in vitro fertilization and surrogacy, Louise and Mark gave up the idea of being parents.

Yet, despite spending more than 80,000$ , the equivalent of around 90,000$, Louise kept a hope of being pregnant.

Indeed, 5 years after making the decision to stop trying to have a child, the couple went to the Czech Republic to perform an in vitro fertilization. Miraculously, Louise became pregnant at 47!

Mark and Louise found the strength to give themselves one last chance thanks to the help of Dr. Hassan Shehata of the Prague Center for Reproductive Immunology and Pregnancy. They became the parents of little William.

Louise admits that each miscarriage was a test and because complications occurred at the time of delivery by caesarean section because there was a problem with the placenta, she had to face a lot of psychological pressure.

Fortunately, Mark was supportive and the money and age were nothing compared to the happiness of having a child.

A child full of joy who fills the life of his parents with happiness.