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Here Are The 7 Things That Seem Positive To You But That Block You To Find Love

Being single is not always a choice, some people want to find a soul mate but can not, for fear or hesitation. For love to fall on you...

Things That Seem Positive To You But That Block You To Find Love

Being single is not always a choice, some people want to find a soul mate but can not, for fear or hesitation. For love to fall on you, it is important to question yourself and get out of your comfort zone. According to the expert Dina robinson, love coach, there are different thoughts that are harmless but that can really block a person to find love. She was able to gather 7 of the most common!

Predominant thoughts control your choices and decisions, which in turn create your everyday life. This daily ends up supporting your thoughts, and you find yourself in a vicious circle. So when you do not stop thinking that you are not ready for love or that you do not need a person to share your life, your decisions end up affirming those thoughts. And despite your inner desire to want to find love, you can not do it!

If you're wondering why you can not find your other half, take a little time to question yourself and say you're probably in for something. Here are 7 thoughts that look healthy, but that prevent you from finding love.

1. I do not want to engage myself:
You are well in this relationship, happy and fulfilled but commit no, you do not even think! You have friends, relatives who have been married for several years but are not as happy as you are. You have the impression that the word commitment is synonymous with rules and limits ...

2. I'll be ready for love when ...
Whether it's to finish your higher education, when your career takes off or when you'll be able to buy your own home. Conditioning love with something material is not one of the best ideas to have. It's an unconscious thought but love must be free in the future ...

3. I'm not looking for anything serious right now, I just want to hang out with someone to see what's going on
If you go out with someone and you are looking for something other than love, you are not doing yourself a favor. So you hurt yourself by putting obstacles in the relationship, who knows you may be made for each other!

4. I will recognize him when I see him
Succeeding a relationship requires effort, certainly love at first sight exists but it does not succeed every time. You may miss out on many things, as you can trust your instincts and fall on the wrong people.

5. I do not need a man. No one!
The predominant thoughts always end up materializing! If you say that you do not need something or someone in your life, subconsciously your brain will prevent you from making space for any new person.

6. I'm too busy to focus on love
You think you are so busy that you have no time for love, but you are wrong. People in love do not spend their days twiddling their thumbs, they can have busy days and be brilliant in their areas of expertise.

One does not prevent the other, on the contrary love can be a source of motivation to move forward and overcome any obstacle in professional life.

7. Why do I have to change to attract someone?
This question often comes up when we talk about a relationship, but why not do it? A couple is an ambitious project where everyone must put more than the minimum to make it work. So there's no reason not to think of a positive change if it's for the better ...

Some tips for finding love
  • Think of love in the present, love is not something in the future that will happen when you are ready. Be ready now and think of love as one of your priorities.
  • Notice and appreciate all the happy couples. When you focus on all the positive aspects of a happy relationship, it will motivate you to find love.
  • Keep in mind that love is not complex, it's the simplest and most natural thing in the world. Give up and let fate decide ...