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Mom Shares The Last Heartbreaking Image Of Her Son Who "Sacrificed"

Mom Shares The Last Heartbreaking Image Of Her Son Who "Sacrificed"

Mom Shares The Last Heartbreaking Image Of Her Son Who "Sacrificed"

Leukemia is one of the most common and devastating types of cancer. And although we tend to believe that this harmful disease only affects people who have reached a certain age, this is unfortunately not the case. Leukemia can attack children and even newborns, revealing the extent to which its thirst for destruction has no limits.

What is leukemia?

Leukemia is a cancer that targets particularly blood-forming tissues, specifically blood cells that have not yet reached maturity and are found in the bone marrow. It is characterized by an abnormality in the formation of blood cells in the bone marrow. Leukemic cells increase in number and become more numerous than healthy cells, which prevents the normal functioning of these cells.

In France, there were 2,200 new cases of cancer in children and adolescents, of which 29% are leukemia according to the National Cancer Institute. In addition, most leukaemias affecting children are unfortunately acute leukemias.

The shocking story of a little boy whose short life will mark many people

Daniel Farbrace's parents mourn the loss of their 21-month-old son, who died of leukemia last month. His parents had placed him in intensive care, nine days before his death. Daniel had been diagnosed with the para-influenza virus in addition to his leukemia, which eventually led to his death. His parents, Ali and Dan, shared beautiful pictures of their son's last days.

Ali said in speaking of his son that his last act was to save them, her and her husband. She adds that when people say things like "sorry for your loss," she does not really like it because her loss was not in vain, she thinks their baby sacrificed for them and that Daniel told them made life a lot easier. Indeed, they did not have to unplug it and see it suffer again and again.

She also added that after putting her on respiratory assistance, she and Dan were tormented by the fact that they would eventually make the decision to unplug her devices. But they never had to decide because Daniel "sacrificed himself" and died as a result of the illnesses he suffered.

A little hero whose life was strewn with pitfalls

After his death, Ali and Dan were able to spend a few days with him after he was put in a cold room in a hospital in the United Kingdom. They were able to stay by his side, talk to him before they could take him home and prepare for the funeral.

Daniel's mother says she is grateful for the extra time she has spent with her son, saying most parents are not so lucky. Unfortunately, Daniel's life was difficult from the start, he was born prematurely and suffered complications.

Now, his parents want to share his story to honor his life. Ali and Dan take this opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of donating blood and bone marrow because they think that if their little boy was able to live so far, it was thanks to transfusions from which he benefited. They also started raising funds for a local charity in honor of Daniel.

 Mom shares the last heartbreaking image of her son

This brave little hero will not only fight to the end against the disease, but he will also have sacrificed himself in honor of his parents. This is one of the most beautiful proofs of love from a child!