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That's What Your Favorite Color Reveals About You

We all have this garment that we like to wear more than anything else. It is in this one that we feel more confident, more comfortable...

What Your Favorite Color Reveals About You

We all have this garment that we like to wear more than anything else. It is in this one that we feel more confident, more comfortable, and most often, it always has a specific color that is omnipresent in our wardrobe. This is certainly a topic speculative, but still based on something very real: the fact that colors express ideas, emotions and desires.

When talking about clothing colors, it is worth remembering that if we wear a particular color, it is because we expect it to have some effect on others. The preference on this subject would not exist otherwise and would not be a completely universal subject. Know that a color inspires one or more emotions and that it can also speak of you if you wear it often.

Passion and love are the two things that immediately come to your mind when you think about red, so it's no wonder that it's representative of all that is sensual and feminine in culture popular contemporary. This color is downright considered as the emblem of bright emotions, it also symbolizes energy, power and aggression, hence the fact that it can be very attractive to wear during a date galant.

This color is constantly reminiscent of the two vast spaces of tranquility, namely the sky and the ocean. Blue represents loyalty, peace, trust and success. It has a very soothing effect, and is very popular when it comes to getting dressed to meet a new person or to have a job interview. This color embodies a certain balance between the sober side and the living side of things, which makes it very popular.

It would be hard to say that yellow is the most popular color, but when we happen to see someone wear it, the first thing we think is that it can only be happy, brilliant and bubbly. Very often associated with the sun, this color symbolizes joy, fun, positivity, excitement and energy. Yellow is a beautiful color to wear when you need to be a little more attractive!

This is another color that inspires serenity. The fact that we can find the green in abundance in nature gives it a soothing and comforting effect. It symbolizes prosperity and represents life, growth as well as being connected to nature and being in communion with it.

No doubt a color with an impressive effect. Black is also one of the most versatile colors and inspires a multitude of things at once: power, elegance, authority, trust and leadership. Although it may seem hard or cold, black can undoubtedly be considered the ultimate basis of an incredible look for any occasion. It is a universal shade that others appreciate and approve without the slightest effort.

We all know what this color symbolizes, thanks to the so popular meaning of the wedding dress, purity and innocence. This is still firmly rooted in modern culture, although the concept is still aging. White also represents peace, freedom and optimism. It is also incredibly bright and cool!

Purple is indisputably a royal color! She openly represents royalty, luxury, opulence and wealth, while adding art and creativity. It is not at all surprising that this mysterious color is actually the marriage of two colors with resounding success, namely red and blue.

Conventionally related to femininity, pink denotes flirting, affection and sweetness. This color is often considered to be the emblem of glamor (alongside red) as well as everything that one might find cute and irresistible!