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Women Ranked From The Nicest To The Meanest Based On Their Astrological Sign

Women Ranked From The Nicest To The Meanest Based On Their Astrological Sign

Women Ranked From The Nicest To The Meanest According To Their Astrological Sign

In society, relationships, whether in love or friendship, depend on a certain number of qualities, when they are lost, relationships become toxic and harmful. Today we will talk to you about the best, as well as the worst women you may be dealing with in each astrological sign. We remind all the same that it is not a generality.

The only fault a Libra woman could have is that she is not unpleasant. These gentle little peaceful angels are peacemakers and prefer their own misfortune to that of others. They believe in justice, equality and harmony, no matter the circumstances. If you have a problem with your sweetheart or friend Libra, chances are you're the culprit.

Sweet and helpful, that's what a Pisces woman is! It's the kind of women who hate arguments, conflict, nastiness and gossip. She hates everything that many women tend to say and do when they are in a group. The priority of a Pisces woman is to stay away from conflict!

Unlike the aggressiveness of his namesake, the bull, a woman born under this sign is really very patient. She is sensitive to criticism and does not criticize others either. She is particularly warm and generous, but if you upset her enough, you will push her to bring out her "bitch" side, but reluctantly.

Famous to be friendly and kind, Aquarius women do not have time for unhealthy behaviors, nor do they have time for nasty and cruel people. But that does not mean that they let themselves go, they are rebellious and do not tolerate being abused.

Although they tend to be restless and impatient, Sagittarius women rarely let this change into hostility or aggression. They are often frustrated with living in a cruel and unfair world. But if you behave badly towards them, they will not hesitate to make you understand that it was not the right thing to do!

Gemini women tend to be nice and extroverted. But they can quickly become cold and distant. The reason ? Their peculiarity of being double and wanting the thing and then its opposite. When they are not in the mood it is their "pimbêche" side that comes out and in this case, it is better not to be in the vicinity

The Lion woman is generally warm, friendly and indulgent. But that does not make her a harmless little kitten, because once angry, she can be very hard and insensitive. In your relationship with her, you should be content to pet the kitten rather than put yourself in the lioness's mouth.

A Virgo woman embodies the innocent side, but sometimes just of appearance. When a Virgo becomes mean, she does not show physical or verbal violence. Instead, she practices a more subtle form of offensive that involves wrapping a compliment in an insult!

Cancer women can be nice or uncomfortable depending on their mood. One day, the Cancer woman will be able to take you in her arms and show you all the signs of affection possible and imaginable. Another day, she will be cold and can even be offensive.

If you ask a Aries woman what defines her best, she will tell you that she is brave, passionate, energetic and even a little spirited. But it's a very nice way to say impatient, hyperactive, aggressive, stubborn, arrogant. Aries women are not the worst but their childish behavior can make them unbearable.

Although she is patient, once the Capricorn woman is angry or hurt, she will overwhelm you with icy coldness. She will not play fair by screaming at you or being aggressive, she will get revenge instead of the worst way of causing you problems in your work, for example.

This is probably a sign that you should not be angry, because he will take revenge with methodical coldness worthy of a serial killer. These women are combative, suspicious, malicious and vengeful. They can be nice if you do not disturb them. But if you make this mistake, do not turn their backs on them!