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13 Fatal Cancer Symptoms Ignored By Most Women

Cancer is responsible for a huge number of deaths around the world and is increasing year by year. Whether by its various forms or by ...

Fatal Cancer Symptoms Ignored By Most Women

Cancer is responsible for a huge number of deaths around the world and is increasing year by year. Whether by its various forms or by its genetic impact, cancer is a serious disease that takes time to evolve and whose consequences can be tragic.

Fortunately, when it is detected in time, cancer can be treated. Therefore, it is essential to know the different symptoms of this disease to prevent and cure it. So, here are 13 cancer symptoms to be aware of!

1. Wheezing and / or shortness of breath
One of the first signs that many lung cancer patients remember is the inability to catch their breath. In addition, they experience wheezing and / or shortness of breath.

2. Chronic cough and chest pain
Many types of cancer, including leukemia and lung tumors, can cause symptoms that resemble a bad cough or bronchitis. Similarly, some patients with lung cancer report chest pain that extends to the shoulder or along the arm.

3. Repetitive infections
Repetitive infections can be a sign of leukemia, which is cancer of the blood cells, because it leads to the excessive production of abnormal white blood cells in the spinal cord, which reduces the body's ability to fight cancer. infections.

4. Difficulty swallowing
Swallowing disorders are most often associated with cancer of the esophagus or throat but also with lung cancer because these different types of cancer directly affect the ability to swallow.

5. Swollen ganglions
When the lymph nodes are swollen, it shows that there are changes in the lymphatic system. It is also one of the signs of cancer because the lymphatic system drains and filters the interstitial fluid, that is to say the liquid in which the cells of the body bathe.

6. Bruising and bleeding
Wounds and lesions, which are difficult to heal or stop, can indicate cancer of the mouth, skin cancer or cancer that affects the genitals.

7. Generalized weakness and fatigue
Intense fatigue can be a harbinger of cancer because when the body defends itself against a disease, its immune system weakens. In addition, some cancers trigger blood loss, which causes more fatigue.

8. Swelling of the abdomen
In the case of ovarian cancer, one of the symptoms suggestive of this disease is swelling of the abdomen. Indeed, unexplained bloating and abdominal swelling for a long time should lead to consultation.

8. Pelvic pain
Pelvic pain and cramps in the pelvis may be a sign of various cancers including ovarian cancer, cervical cancer or leukemia because it causes enlargement of the spleen.

9. A change of stool
Whether it is frequent diarrhea or digestive disorders and bleeding in the stool, this can be the major symptom of cancer of the digestive tract, especially if it is associated with pain in the abdomen.

10. Unexplained weight loss
If you lose a lot of weight without changing your diet and lifestyle, it could be a sign of cancer. This weight loss is unintended and often brutal.

11. Bleeding
Bleeding when urinating, inside the stool, during a cough, or in abundance at the time of menstruation, determines several types of cancers and requires emergency medical advice because they can be related to tumors.

12. A modification of the nails
It's probably one of the places in the body that people care about the most, nails. Yet they tell us about our health and can tell us if we have cancer. Indeed, a brown or black dots or spots under the nail may indicate skin cancer while enlargement of the fingertips with curved nails may indicate lung cancer. Finally, very pale nails can be a sign of liver cancer.

Therefore, if you experience any of these symptoms, be sure to consult your doctor to determine its source and treatment.