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16 True Proof That You Are Indispensable To Him

16 True Proof That You Are Indispensable To Him

Living small moments of doubt is normal in every relationship. Couples are not always happy. There are unexpected moments in our lives where problems arise without being able to do anything about them. But it does not matter how resentments are present on both sides, because if love really dominates the relationship, an argument will remain only a small detail, neither more nor less. If you have some uncertainty about your feelings, let these signs guide you.

True Proof That You Are Indispensable To Him

1. You are still in his thoughts
A man who loves you infallibly thinks of you. He is excited just to spend his day with you.

2. Your regular activities make you think of each other
Responsibilities are part of life. And it is usually in those moments that you can not be together, moments that you find otherwise unbearable. Whenever you go through a place where you usually go or see a movie that you have watched together, you inevitably think of each other.

3. Each of you wants to know everything about each other's day
You would not even be able to fall asleep without telling you your days. You feel incomplete without these sweet discussions.

4. You follow yourself on social networks
When you have a few minutes to spare, the first thing you do is check your darling's recent posts on social media. You like to read each other's messages and watch your beautiful couple photos over and over again.

5. You never forget your common projects
You know that every day of hard work serves your common future. Every time you get a bonus, a promotion or an increase, you put the money in your savings in anticipation of your joint projects.

6. You keep your promises
You wake up each morning with an optimistic attitude to your common future, and you know that your dreams will come true.

7. You remember the simplest things
Even if it's just seashells that you picked up together on the beach or his shirt that you wore because you ran out of clothes for a trip, all those memories matter so much to both of you that you cherish them .

8. You re-read your conversations
Whenever you really miss yourself, replaying your old conversations makes you smile.

9. You sing "your song"
You probably do not pay attention to it, but you find yourself singing the song that you both love when your darling misses you because it makes you think of each other.

10. You behave towards each other as best friends
You share all your secrets with each other and you always listen and support whatever happens.

11. Taking care of each other makes you feel good
Caring for one another does not tire you at all. In fact, comforting your partner makes you feel relaxed.

12. You are interested in the interests of the other
It's great to see how much you are interested in similar things. It's a real blessing to have a partner who understands your passion and supports you to practice it.

13. You feel happy every time you go out in love
An inexplicable feeling occurs when you hold hands and go out together. Spending time with your sweetheart at your favorite restaurant, at the movies or wandering around is invaluable.

14. Imagine your partner with someone else is extremely painful
Presumably, it's the hardest thing you can live and you could never imagine how much grief it could cause you.

15. You worry about each other
It can sometimes happen that you worry a bit too much, but this is inevitable when you are in love with your partner. You wonder, "and if he / she finds someone better than me? »,« And if he / she decides to break with me? »,« And if he / she did not love me anymore? "

16. You accept and love the differences and imperfections of each
You have both embraced each other's differences as a result of the intense feelings that bind you. Your imperfections make even your relationship perfect and unique for both of you.