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6 Signs That You Have A Fake Friend In Your Life, Never Trust Him!

6 Signs That You Have A Fake Friend In Your Life, Never Trust Him!

We all have a person around us with whom we spend time whenever we have the opportunity or the need, a person who knows us better than others and on whom we can rely. These people are often friends who are considered a gift from heaven, but do we really know who is good or bad? If you notice these six things at your friends, know that they will not trust them and they are fake friends!

Signs That You Have A Fake Friend In Your Life, Never Trust Him!

Authenticity, honesty and trust are qualities we hope to find in a friend, because friendship helps us not only define ourselves but also give meaning to our lives. A true friend supports and encourages us, tolerates our faults, accepts us unconditionally and takes care of us no matter what. A friend is present no matter what time of night or day, with him the walls fall and we can be what we are without fear or fear of judgment.

What is friendship?

Friendship is a partnership between two people who meet on equal terms. Friendship expects and bears good and evil. A best friend is someone who brings out the best of us, who shares our joys and sorrows. In a relationship of friendship, rites of passage such as marriage, births, the death of a loved one, or any other important event are marked and honored together.

By cons, false friends always take more than they give in the relationship, it is important to know that this kind of friendship will not help you in your life. False friends will prevent you from achieving your goals, will exhaust you, manipulate you, and will do everything to ruin your relationship in order to keep you just for them. Finally their presence will not serve you much, on the contrary it will destroy you! As much to recognize them and to drive them out of your life.

Here are 6 signs that indicate that you have a fake friend:

1. An opportunist:
Do you have a friend who often promises to schedule a meeting in the coming days, confirms the scheduled date of the meeting and systematically cancels the meeting 5 minutes before? This means that person does not like to see you or spend time with you. Once can be tolerable but if it becomes repetitive, know that this person is not a friend you can count on and that she has no time to devote to you.

2. Speak for yourself:
False friends are narcissistic. Each of their sentences begins with "I" and everything they say concerns them, their accomplishments if there are any, their opinions, their plans, and so on. It seems like they have nothing else to say except to talk about them, a real friend must know how to listen and share.

3. Constantly leans on you for emotional support:
A person who never answers your calls, and who will only call you when she needs them, does not deserve to be your friend. Her goal is to find the emotional support she needs and she will surely find you because you will not say no. She does not care about you, nor about your state of mind, all she wants is to feel better by talking with someone.

4. Adore to talk about others and to invent stories:
Some people like to invent rumors about others, because they find it fun to tell fake facts just to talk. These kinds of people are just sick, their behavior reflects a lack of self-confidence. But the most dangerous thing is that they can do the same with you, but they can invent rumors and stories about you too.

5. Make fun of you and compliment you at the same time:
These people will say a joke in the form of a compliment to make fun of you. They keep you close just to use and manipulate you, but in reality they think a lot of bad things about you.

6. You push to have them as friends:
These people are very egocentric and want you only for themselves. They consider you a servant and use you as needed, contrary to your intentions.

Friends are often soul mates, try to choose them carefully!