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The Best Tip To Remove Warts, Doctors Love It!

The Best Tip To Remove Warts, Doctors Love It!

Warts are skin lesions caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Often of various aspects, they sit most frequently on the hands or on the soles of the feet. They are unsightly, contagious, even somewhat painful. Nevertheless, they remain safe and can be easily eradicated. Find out how to eliminate them using a single ingredient.

Tip To Remove Warts, Doctors Love It

What is a wart?

The wart is a cutaneous excrescence of viral origin which is in the form of a bump of variable size, rough and granular. This thickening of the skin is due to the penetration into it of the virus (HPV).

There are many types of warts:

- The plantar wart located on the soles of the feet
- The flat wart which is located at the level of the face and the hand.
- Genital wart that affects the external genital mucosa and anus.

Warts can be transmitted in different ways:
By direct contact: touching the wart of another person.
By self-contamination: the wart can spread on several parts of the body of the same person.
By contact with a contaminated object: socks, shoes ...
By contact with a wet surface: public pools, sports centers, etc ...

However, people most at risk for warts are those with poor immune systems. Indeed, with a simple injury as small as it is, this little virus can be introduced and if the immune system is no longer able to neutralize it, it will result in the appearance of warts on our skin. This failure of the immune system may be due to stress, fatigue or poor nutrition.

Canvas tape to remove warts:
One tip that has been proven against warts is the use of duct tape. A study by the Children's Hospital Medical Center has shown that this remedy has been very successful in explaining that covering the wart for a given period of time would remove the superficial layer of the skin and boost the immune system. of the body.

How to use :

Take a piece of ribbon the size of your wart and cover the affected part for a period of 7 days by replacing it when needed.

Once this period is over, remove it and apply some warm water to the wart to soften it, then rub with pumice or lime. Leave your wart uncovered for 12 hours. Repeat the same process until the wart disappears. After this treatment, scars may appear. In order to reduce them, apply a little Alo evera gel or calendula, which are known for their healing and repairing effect.

Warnings :
  • It is advisable not to use this trick on warts located on the face or on genital warts.
  • Do not use the same nail clipper and pumice contaminated with warts on healthy skin.
  • If your warts change color, cause pain, spread, or look suspicious, consult your doctor.