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How Do You Express Your Anger Based On Your Astrological Sign?

How Do You Express Your Anger Based On Your Astrological Sign?

We all get angry at one time or another. As human beings, we can not help but lose our coolness or patience from time to time. Anger can eclipse what you have best in you and reveal a very unpleasant side of your personality if you can not manage it. Know, then, that each astrological sign expresses his anger in his own way.

This sign tends to get angry quite easily in some situations. Dealing with an angry ram is like facing an erupting volcano. But this state does not last long and he ends up forgiving and forgetting.

Although a Bull does not get angry easily, it is better to be wary if it happens that he becomes mad with rage, he can then become somewhat aggressive and exclude you from his life if he feels hurt. What angers this sign is lies, deception and treason. But if he ever gets angry with you, give him time to think, his stubbornness will eventually dissipate, but watch out for his grudge.

This sign is usually not angry, and if something makes him angry, he will say it and then move on because he does not like to dwell on things that prevent him from enjoying life. Authoritarianism is what really makes an Gemini angry.

Although a Cancer is a very gentle and compassionate person, taking it for granted and hurting it may reveal a less pleasant side of one's personality. He becomes extremely aggressive but will initially be unclear about the source of the problem. So it is better to ask him what's wrong so that he gives himself up and empties his bag. He ends up forgiving in the end.

As a sign of fire, Leo has a bubbling temperament. The anger of this sign pushes him to the direct manifestation of the latter, so he will not hide anything from you. His behavior in this type of case resembles that of a child who gets angry and wants to be noticed. But although intense, the anger of a Lion is brief and he will not hesitate to question himself.

This sign is clearly the one that is the most patient of all the zodiac. Although rare, if a Virgo gets angry, she will not really manifest it but will not forgive easily, especially if it is an injury. The confrontation is not his forte but that does not prevent him from becoming aggressive. Remember that if a Virgo person forgives you, there is very little chance that she will forget.

As peacekeepers, these people avoid conflict at all costs. But the fact that a Libra is very sensitive makes it prone to anger at times. However, this sign runs so far from confrontation that it becomes difficult to know if he is angry or not. He is resentful and forgets with difficulty.

It's always a very bad idea to anger a scorpion, because once this sign goes into a state of rage, it very often becomes passively aggressive, which means that it will get revenge sooner or later the way the more sneaky possible. It is also advisable to give him enough time to calm down and wait until he takes the initiative to resume the dialogue.

If there are many things capable of rendering this sign mad, it is disloyalty and treason. His rather impulsive temperament pushes him to express his anger openly while taking time to calm down. Sagittarius sometimes even tends to get excited for nothing.

As a sign of land, Capricorn is generally calm. He prefers to stay in peace and keep calm because he thinks he is wasting his energy by getting angry. Nevertheless, once he is angry, you'd better take your legs to your neck. His anger comes very often from an accumulation of several months of tension. He does not forgive easily.

Aquarius loves good discussions and stimulating conversations, but sometimes he does not really support counterarguments. But if he does, he does it with finesse and class. He does not usually express his emotions, which is also the case for the anger he does not reveal at the moment.

This sign of water can sometimes be angry for nothing, so he will not want to discuss and avoid dialogue at all costs. Pisces therefore tend to let their negative emotions accumulate before evacuating them by crying or shouting. They may hold grudges but if they care about you, it is very possible that they will come back to you to discuss.