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Here's How To Finally Stop Hair Loss. Make Them Grow Faster And More Beautiful

Here's How To Finally Stop Hair Loss. Make Them Grow Faster And More Beautiful

Most women wish to have a soft, shiny and especially thick hair. Many people have tried various cosmetic products to treat their hair, and prevent or treat hair loss, but the finding is that these cosmetics are rich in chemicals that can endanger health. Thus, the expected result is not always at the rendezvous. If you do not want to use products containing chemical substances, here is a natural recipe that could help you reboost the growth of your hair and keep them.

It is normal that we lose hair but not in large numbers. In fact, it is not possible to prevent the hair from falling because it is part of its life cycle. But a fall can be abnormal when it exceeds 100 hairs a day. It can be caused by the following factors:
  • Too aggressive care
  • Stress, anxiety, depression
  • External aggressions (cold, wind, sun, swimming pool, sea water, pollution)
  • Staining, discoloration
  • Abuse of heating device on hair such as straighteners and hair dryers

Hairstyles pulling a lot on the hair: bun too tight, mats too tight, the extensions whatever the type (fixation with keratin hot or cold, weaving, clips, braiding, glue) damage the follicles and break the hair.
There is a natural way to treat hair loss effectively, while stimulating growth. If you have already tried other natural remedies, we recommend guava leaves, which are rich in vitamin B, an extremely important vitamin for the renewal of hair cells.

Here's how to prepare the remedy
In one liter of water, add a handful of guava leaves and let it boil for 20 minutes. Then let the remedy cool down. Massage your scalp with the filtered liquid as if you washed your hair with shampoo and did not rinse it for several hours, to allow it to act.

For best results, use the mixture to massage your scalp at bedtime. After the massage, you should put a towel or cap and let it work all night. Then make a bath the next morning.

As for the frequency, you can do it once or twice a week and of course, you will have to be patient to see the results.

Importance of guava for hair
The guava leaf helps to solidify the hair follicles and strengthen the root of your hair.

Guava contains indeed pyridoxine, commonly called vitamin B6, which is necessary for the health and beauty of the hair. The fruit also contains vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin A or folic acid, which help to grow hair and make it strong and strong. If you have a deficiency in these vitamins, not only will your hair become weak, but your scalp will suffer as well.

How to avoid hair loss
  • Take the time to nourish your hair by applying hair masks.
  • Do not abuse heating devices (hair dryer, straightener, etc.)
  • Hairstyles should not be tight on the head so as not to damage the follicles and smother the scalp.
  • After a hairstyle (bun or other braid), do not automatically redo another hairstyle, but allow time for the scalp to breathe, and take the opportunity to make a repairing mask.