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Here's How To Use Lemon To Have Amazing Skin

Here's How To Use Lemon To Have Amazing Skin

Use Lemon To Have Amazing Skin

In adolescence or adulthood, our skin tends to suffer from skin problems, including acne and its sequelae on our skin. In France, 15 million people are affected by acne and its consequences on the skin, especially the face. Many people suffer psychologically from this skin condition.

In order to treat this deterioration of the skin, we often use the prescriptions of medical specialists. However, natural remedies can just as be effective without suffering the consequences of chemical drugs, often harmful to our body. Among the most effective remedies, we find the lemon.

Lemon, a beauty ally par excellence

We will show you how to use lemon to reduce the discomfort that skin imperfections can cause and thereby improve its appearance and health and restore it to shine. Lemon is known for its amazing benefits on the skin and the health of the human body in general. Its nutrients are essential to bring vigor and vitality to the human body. Indeed, lemon is a fruit rich in antioxidants, fiber and contains vitamin C which also helps the reconstruction of collagen. The latter is an essential protein for the skin, it actually determines the degree of flexibility and tone of it.

The lemon also contains ascorbic acid, a natural astringent, which dries acne pimples and helps to gradually reduce the traces left by them and the spots related to the skin.

How To Use Lemon To Make Your Skin Glow?

We will show you 3 simple ways to use lemon to improve the appearance of your skin:

Lemon juice
Squeeze a lemon into a bowl and soak a cotton pad of its juice, then rub it only over the area affected by acne without overflowing. Let it dry for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water. Pat your face with a soft towel. Repeat the operation once a day for a few days for best results.

Sliced lemon
Cut a lemon into slices and arrange them on your face then rub your skin with these slices for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Repeat the process twice a week to make your skin shine. You can also make a mask with lemon juice, rice flour and honey and spread it on your face once a week. This mixture helps treat acne and remove dark spots from the skin.

Mask of lemon and egg white
Take an egg white, then whip it. Add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Mix well and divide the mask into 3 parts. Apply 3 consecutive layers on your skin. As soon as the first layer is dry, spread over a second layer and so on. Once the mask becomes dry, rinse it with lukewarm water and repeat this once a week to make your skin look better than ever.

Warnings :

Direct exposure to the sun with lemon!

Although lemon is a very effective beauty treatment if used properly, we recommend that it be applied in the evening and not during the day because of its photosensitization. Indeed, the lemon reacts with the sun, and if you apply lemon directly on your face during the day, spots may appear on your skin and do the opposite effect of the expected result.