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What You Were Supposed To Learn Between 2016 And 2018 Based On Your Astrological Sign

What You Were Supposed To Learn Between 2016 And 2018 Based On Your Astrological Sign

As is often said, the best school is life. Experiences make us grow and make us more mature, more able to cope with what the remaining days in our lives hold for us. This is what you had to learn from life during the last two years, according to your astrological sign.

You had to learn during the last two years to know exactly what you want in life. You have also made some crucial changes in your worldview. This year, 2018, is when you will have the answer to some of your questions, which will allow you to better focus on the different aspects of your life.

You had the opportunity to change the image you had of yourself and also discovered your true potential. You have learned to accept certain parts of your personality and to say "no" without having fears as before. In this year 2018, your uncertainties will give you respite, leaving room for more clarity in your relations or projects.

In the last two years, you have learned to be closer to your family sphere. You have learned to focus on what really matters - giving your loved ones time and energy. You also know which people deserve the most attention. This year, you will finally be able to realize a project that was so important to you, it's time to take the plunge.

You had the opportunity to surprise yourself and make decisions that had a huge impact on the rest of your life. You have also come to understand what you want in life while gaining maturity. This year will be titled love, you will focus on your self esteem, your relationships and those you love most in the world.

You had to learn that when things do not go exactly as you planned, it's not always negative. You have managed to regain your usual level of confidence and confidence, which you rarely lose. This year will inspire you to discover hitherto unexplored horizons, try new things and meet new people.

You realized that you had to give up all those things that did not work in your life. You also understood that you had to embark on new adventures, be it work, relationship or travel. This year is the year when you are supposed to harvest what you have sown in the previous two years, so you will either have to succeed because of your risk taking or tell yourself that you have at least had the merit of trying.

These last two years have been those where you started planting the seeds of personal or professional relationships that could be very fruitful. You also understood that you had to sort through your dating. This year is the year when you should reap the benefits of your own efforts. Take serious relationship commitments, find financial stability and stop underestimating yourself.

You must have learned not to let others think of haunting you and to confront you with so many feelings that you feared above all else. It is on this basis that this year, you should be able to start building the life of your dreams, at all levels.

You may have realized that you had to come to terms with yourself, with your failures, and start on a better foundation to explore yourself and the world around you. You finally saw what people really deserved your interest. This year, you will have to make some crucial changes to put a solid foundation in your life, whether in your career or even in your daily routine.

Your credulity has led you to make many mistakes. You had to learn that it was finally enough to think for yourself and adopt your own ideals. You also identified what did not work, as well as people who were ill-intentioned. 2018 is the year when you will sail to new horizons and where you will abandon all regret to live for yourself, instead of living for others.

You had to learn to be patient, because you always had the impression that things were moving slowly for you. You have also learned to trust yourself and your abilities. In 2018, it is teamwork that can give you access to success, so count on it while remaining true to your vision of the world.

You understood that the ghosts of your past could not reach you if you understood that they were harmless. You have been able to rediscover the passion that animated you in the past as well as this desire to move forward. This year will be the year in which all these lessons will have to be realized. Since you now know where you want to go, have the courage to do it.