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A Powerful Tip For Detecting Negative Energies In Your Home

A Powerful Tip For Detecting Negative Energies In Your Home

You can not see the energy with the naked eye, but you can feel it! Think about those moments when you met someone for the first time and the feeling does not go away! Or when you went to a friend's house and did not feel comfortable! Or that you have moved and have noticed that you have more health problems, accidents, arguments or loss of things! This is the negative energy and you surely need to get rid of it and purify the space in which you live! So leave a glass of salt water with vinegar in your house and you will see the difference.

A Powerful Tip For Detecting Negative Energies In Your Home

A person's energy is a combination of their past, their state of mind, their dominant thoughts, their beliefs and their perception of the world. Sometimes this energy is easily felt, and at other times it manifests itself as an aversion to a person you have just met, without having any obvious clues as to why you feel so.

Positive people are loving, happy, compassionate, kind and encouraging. In their presence, we feel intuitively safe, happy and relaxed. They give off something welcoming.

Negative people are unfriendly, unhappy, plaintive and they like to trap others. With them, you feel intuitively uncomfortable, unhappy and tense. They emit negative waves that discourage those who rub shoulders with them.

Remember the next time you want to shout at your partner, your kids, or your pets that your energy negatively impacts the water-based cells in their bodies. The good news is that the opposite is true.

But do you know that you have the power to turn negative energy into positive energy? Here's how !

Do not hesitate to do everything that makes you happy and make you feel good.
Follow your instinct, your body is just a way to communicate with you, so consider the signals it sends you.

Some people around you are negative but you should not allow their negativity to affect you and once your interaction with them is over, get rid of their energy. Nor do you need to lower your thoughts, words, and actions to their level. You can stay on top of all their negativity. Instead of criticizing or judging them, be sympathetic to the inner pain that causes them to behave badly.

How often do you say, "I am angry" or "I am sad"? It is better to feel the emotion, "I feel sad" or "I feel angry". Do not embody the negative feelings. Live them and let them go.

Focus on a positive future based on love, happiness, abundance and freedom. And avoid talking about a future based on fear, pain, lack and problems. It takes effort, but you will get there.

How to detect negative energies in your interior?

Scientific research has identified electrical and thermal energy as these are tangible energies that can be measured and examined. On the other hand, the emotional energy remains a rather complex field since we can not see it but just feel it.

Twenty years ago, Dr. Emoto proved that human emotional energy affects the physical world around us. Specifically, he has done multiple experiments that have demonstrated the physical effect of thoughts, words, emotions, and music on the crystal structure of water. Hence the utility of this trick to purify your space of negative energies.

Below is a nice little trick to get rid of negative energies, to test at home!

Ingredients :
  • 2 tablespoons white vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons of salt
  • 500 ml filtered water


Take a clear glass and put in all the ingredients, mix well for 60 seconds. Place the glass in a place where you spend a lot of time and leave it for a full day. Check if the salt is rising to the surface! If so, then there is still negative energy in this space, repeat the process with new ingredients. And know that as long as you see the salt rise to the surface, it is that your house is not purified yet. Repeat the experiment until the salt no longer rises to the surface. So you can start the experiment in another space.