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These 5 Questions Will Reveal All The Secrets Of Your Personality According To Psychologists

These 5 Questions Will Reveal All The Secrets Of Your Personality According To Psychologists

Have you ever wondered if you really knew the people around you? Have you ever wondered if you knew yourself as well as you pretended? Here are a series of questions that will help you learn more about your personality and those around you ...

"I know him as my pocket", "I know him by heart! ". There are so many expressions for the same idea: the one you know the person or persons in your life so well that it will be difficult to say the opposite ...

Secrets Of Your Personality According To Psychologists

Only, can we really say with certainty that we know perfectly the people around us ...? Can we do the same with ourselves?

This is what psychologists have tried to explain in a recent study. To prove to us that we were actually unable to fully know the people around us (or ourselves), they came up with a series of 5 questions to help us get a clearer picture of it. Discover without delay these famous questions.

1. How will you describe yourself?
Although it may seem simple or trivial, this question may say a lot about you depending on the answer you give. If you start talking about your work instead of talking about your love life or your family, it may indicate that you care a lot about your job or that it occupies all your thoughts at least ... If you start by talking about your friends in the first place, this means that you are a person who attaches great importance to friendship.

Take the test with someone around you. Depending on the answer she gives you, you can find out what her priorities are in life.

2. What is your greatest achievement?
This question serves to know a little more about the past of the person in front of you. Indeed, you can truly answer this question only by directing your answer to something you have already done in the past. In answering this question, your interlocutor will necessarily tell you about his past, and you will have the opportunity to know a little more about his life.

3. Have you read good books in your life?
If you can not make the connection between this question and knowing a little more about your interlocutor, know that this question is actually very relevant (that's what ensures in any case the researchers having completed this questionnaire). By asking someone this question, you are not only pushing him to tell you a little bit more about his tastes (what kind of books does he like to read for example), but what's more, you're encouraging him to a subtle way to do it (in case he is not used to reading)!

4. What would be your dream job?
This question will let you know if the person in front of you is creative or not. In fact, by sharing with you her professional ideal, she will unconsciously confide to you what she dreams of working as a profession, and therefore, what could really bring her into life. If she answers this question quickly and simply, you'll know it's a real wish more than a dream!

5. Who is your hero?
If this question may seem trivial or shallow at first, it is actually heavy sense because it could tell you which person does your interlocutor want to look like ... it can tell you a lot about his ambitions, his desires and his motivations in life.