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The Researchers Have Discovered 8 Things That Attract Men Every Time!

The Researchers Have Discovered 8 Things That Attract Men Every Time!

When you feel attracted to someone, it is very difficult at times to explain the reasons that led you to take an interest in that particular person and want to bring them closer to you. Only, what you do not know is that it is your unconscious that expresses itself at that moment ... Discover today what unconsciously attracts men to a woman.

Have you ever wondered, with a little hindsight, what attracted you to your companion in the first place? Was it his eyes, his mouth, his laugh, his joie de vivre or his spontaneity ...? Discover today what attracts men to women.

1. The waist and the hips:
According to a recent US study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania (Northeastern United States), while 34% of men like thin girls, 45% of them prefer women to advantageous forms. And according to this same study, what they would prefer in their companions would be their hips. Source of complex in many of you ladies, know that your hips are your best friends to seduce men.

2. A symmetry of the body:
Men are instinctively and unconsciously attracted by a symmetrical and harmonious body. A woman with beautiful forms, where it is needed, is much more likely to attract these gentlemen than a perfectly slender woman (according to the same study). For men, everything is a question of symmetry and harmony so ...

3. Long and thick hair:
If you ask a man what he finds beautiful in a woman, he will answer often and unconsciously: "his hair". Yes, it is no longer a secret that men prefer women with long hair rather than women with short hair (except for a few rare exceptions). Long hair, shiny and healthy are, according to the male, evidence that a woman takes good care of her. You know what you have left to do to attract the man of your dreams.

4. When you wear red ...
It can literally be like a bomb in the brains of some men! According to the same study, when a woman dresses in red or uses a red lipstick, it attracts men unconsciously who are hypnotized by this color which symbolizes for them love, but above all, passion ...

5. The perfume of a woman:
The perfume of a woman is a beautiful example of unconscious things that attract men. Indeed, even before discovering a woman's physique, the man can already feel attracted by it, and only through the scent that it carries. This unconscious attraction and almost instinctive (even animal), can also be due to pheromones that each of us has and which, in contact with the perfume, mix to give rise to a unique scent ...!

6. Braised eyes:
If you are one of those women who think that to seduce a man, just wear a plunging neckline, you are wrong. If some give the impression that the first thing they notice about a woman is the way she dresses, please know that this is not necessarily the case (at least not all the time), and that your eyes or your gaze are actually one of the first things that a man lingers on when he discovers you.

7. A sweet and pleasant voice:
A soft and pleasant voice is essential for a man. A true instrument of seduction, the voice is often described as the mirror of the soul. That's why men are naturally more attracted to women with a soft, flowing voice, reflecting a sweet and sensual personality ...

8. Luscious lips:
A recent study, from the University of Manchester this time, revealed that more than half of men spent their time contemplating the lips of their partners. Moreover, the more they had luscious lips, the more they were beautiful and desirable according to them ...