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This Trick Allowed Me To Keep Flies Out Of My Kitchen And Have A Great Smell!

This Trick Allowed Me To Keep Flies Out Of My Kitchen And Have A Great Smell!

Cooking and hygiene are inseparable. The odors in homes and especially in the kitchen are due to all the food and ingredients we store and cook. These smells and foods can easily attract flies, and other flying insects hungry for food. The tendency to get rid of it is to buy plenty of cleansers and detergents, filled with harmful agents, but did you know that you can achieve the same result with a natural and affordable tip? Find in this article a mixture that will make your kitchen smell pleasant.

This Trick Allowed Me To Keep Flies Out Of My Kitchen And Have A Great Smell!

Kitchen smells are sometimes difficult to remove from our hands or the kitchen. They remain encrusted in fabrics and furniture, and sometimes attract flies. To get back to a splendid kitchen, a simple cleaning is not enough. Here is a simple tip that you can apply.

  • An empty bottle or spray bottle
  • 3 glasses of hot water
  • A tablespoon of baking soda
  • 10 drops of lemongrass or lavender essential oil

How to proceed ?
In the empty vaporizer, add the spoon of baking soda and fill the spray bottle with the 3 glasses of hot water.

Then pour a few drops of essential oil.

Shake the spray vigorously to mix the ingredients well and you just have to spray it at the right place.

You can use your spray in the kitchen but also in other rooms of the house. However, to see if the preparation does not leave stains, spray first on an isolated area.

The ingredients of this mixture are purely natural and each act on a well-defined level.

Action of baking soda
Baking soda is known for its cleaning, degreasing and disinfecting properties. Once applied in your kitchen, it absorbs odors and moisture and disinfects the kitchen of bacteria.

This powder is effective for deodorizing and cleaning ceramic plates or the refrigerator. You can also use it to unclog blocked pipes. It is biodegradable, very inexpensive, non-flammable, and is neither toxic nor irritating to the skin and eyes. This product can easily be found in supermarkets or pharmacies.

The benefits of lavender essential oil
Lavender has the property to scare all insects, especially flies, because of its smell strong and repulsive for them. But be careful not to put too much in your mixture because in large quantities, the oil could stain your fabrics. If you also have a pet, avoid spraying the essential oil next to it. Some oils can cause bad reactions

The benefits of lemongrass essential oil
Lemongrass essential oil contains citronellal, an effective molecule to repel insects and especially mosquitoes, by destroying their larvae. With a pleasant scent, this oil can be used to clean the air while leaving a pleasant smell.

To keep the freshness in your kitchen, here are some tips to observe:
  • After you finish cooking and eating, do not forget to wash and clean your kitchen. Odors favor the arrival of insects.
  • If you have a balcony, laundry room or other airy place, put the trash in it when you take it out. Do not leave them inside the kitchen.
  • If you can, put mosquito nets on your windows or fly screens, it will greatly reduce the invasion of these insects in your home.
  • Food should be well covered and those outside the refrigerator such as fruit baskets or bread baskets should be placed in dry places.
  • If you have overripe fruit, store it in a cool place as it releases fermentation odors that attract flies.
  • The litters of your pets must always be clean.