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Here Are The Worst Partners In The Eyes Of Each Astrological Sign

Here Are The Worst Partners In The Eyes Of Each Astrological Sign

When it comes to dating and relationships, each astrological sign has some things that push it back very specifically. Some may be repelled by things like poor hygiene or really rude habits. While for others, it may be question of character traits such as arrogance or an odiously oversized ego.

Here Are The Worst Partners In The Eyes Of Each Astrological Sign

Aries: Manipulators, the maniacs and the authoritarians
Aries are free and independent thinkers who are always ready to run in the opposite direction if they ever feel that their freedom is being infringed. They hate manipulative people and do not like dealing with someone who tries to change them.

Taurus: Those who constantly complain
Taurus tries to ignore the futilities of life and always makes sure to move up a gear. So he tends to turn around when he realizes that the new person he met dramatizes and complains about everything. And since loyalty is sacred to him, he can not stand liars or cheaters.

Gemini: Those who do not have fun and who are holding back
This sign does not see the point of entering into a relationship if it is not going to be fun at least. This means that if you're unfamiliar with parties and social activities, or closed-minded, he'll get tired of you quickly. Gemini is absolutely committed to leading a life of a couple that is exciting.

Cancer: Arrogant and selfish people
This sign looks for a partner with a certain level of empathy. So when he meets arrogant and selfish people, he can not tolerate them. If you are the type of person who does not like to compromise, by making tantrums whenever things are not going the way you want, then be aware that Cancer will not be impressed.

Leo: Negative, selfish and condescending people
The Lion does not want to go out with someone who will constantly ruin their mood and plunge them into negativity. This sign is optimistic by nature and sees in the bad languages a real obsession. He thirsts for excitement and prefers people who expand their range of possibilities. He does not like arrogance and selfishness.

Virgo: Poor hygiene, coarseness and laziness
If you leave your laundry dirty, your clothes to wash on the floor, do not expect this sign to clean up after you. The Virgin finds that lack of hygiene and rudeness are kills-the love par excellence. They are looking for an unrelated and reasonable partner that is organized.

Libra: People who trigger conflict for nothing
A Libra simply does not have the time, the will, or the desire to support people who prosper through unnecessary conflict. This sign is more of a mediator and a peacemaker by nature, so those who love arguments will deal with him. So, if you're one of those people, you will not impress.

Scorpio: Dishonesty and Unfaithfulness
This sign is powerless in the face of dishonesty. He hates lies and is known to have problems with trust. If you are not clear with him and you are untrustworthy, he can cut the bridges fast enough before things go further. He can not be with someone he can not trust.

Sagittarius: Boring, deceptive and authoritarian people
This sign is exasperated by the boring repetition and the people who constantly talk about irrelevant topics. He hates compulsive liars and deceivers. He is particularly repulsed by any person giving him orders because he likes his independence and does not like being limited.

Capricorn: Unpleasant smells, egoists and oversized egos
Capricorn is not impressed by people who are imbued with themselves and who can only speak for themselves. He does not care about the show-goers or those who try to impress. In addition to being boring, these people are clearly the obsession of a Capricorn.

Aquarius: Sticky, demanding and dependent people
Aquarius is quickly tired of hyper-sticky people who demand things all the time. This sign is the eternal searchers of freedom, even in a committed relationship, because he always needs a space to breathe. If you expect Aquarius to call you all the time, do not even count on it!

Pisces: narrow-mindedness, pettiness and authoritarianism
Pisces are creative and open-minded dreamers who have a very abstract way of seeing the world. They hate the narrow-mindedness as well as the authoritarian people who belittle their ideas. This sign can accept the fact that one does not agree with it, but is absolutely determined to respect it.