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Are You Too Small? Here Are 7 Simple Tips That Will Increase Your Size!

Are You Too Small? Here Are 7 Simple Tips That Will Increase Your Size!

Often of concern when the child is 6 to 11 years old, the size is related to the genes and each one has a growth potential which is mainly determined by its genetic inheritance. However, the environment, general health as well as the quality of the diet also contribute to the size of the individual.

Moreover, as long as the growth hormone is stimulated, it seems possible to continue to grow. So, if your size seems too small, here are some simple and natural tips to be bigger!

Are You Too Small

The 7 simple tips to increase its size

Sleep properly
During sleep, the whole body regenerates itself, the tissues useful for growth. Indeed, it seems that human growth hormone is naturally produced during sleep, especially when it is repairing. Children and adolescents need more sleep during their peak growth period, which occurs at puberty. Thus, to allow the body to be at the maximum of its functions, it is necessary to have a sleep of quality and whose duration is adapted to our needs, that is to say 7 to 8 hours of sleep to the adulthood.

Practice regular physical activity
One of the best ways to naturally increase your height is to practice regular physical activity. Several studies have highlighted the fact that sport promotes growth in children but also in adults. Sport-enhancing sports include basketball, stretching, swimming, volleyball and athletics.

Maintain a good posture
From childhood, it is important to focus on maintaining good posture so that the body does not settle and can evolve in such a way as to achieve maximum growth. Sit with your back straight, keep your shoulders straight and your chin up when walking or standing. In addition, a good body posture gives the impression of being tall but also distinguished.

To do yoga
In general, yoga offers many health benefits. In terms of growth, yoga facilitates the release of growth hormones and promotes stretching and balance of the body. Certain postures such as the posture of the Triangle, the Cobra, the Mountain or the Tree are preferred.

Have a balanced diet
Essential for all of health, diet must be varied and balanced so that the body benefits from the nutrients it needs. In addition, when it comes to growing, some nutrients are preferred such as zinc, magnesium, phosphorus but especially calcium and vitamins A and D, essential for bone growth. Indeed, calcium is a major part of the bone matrix while vitamin D improves bone mineralization and vitamin A allows the growth of bones and other tissues of the body. Therefore, if you want to grow, eat dairy products, fish with oil sardines, eggs, cod liver oil, spinach, kidney beans, almonds, thyme and mushrooms. cinnamon. In addition, you can fill up on vitamin D by regularly exposing yourself to the sun, for 10 to 15 minutes a day during sunny days.

Maintain your immune system
Some diseases cause stunting, which is why it is important to avoid these pathologies by taking care of your immune system. Indeed, the latter plays a vital role in the defense of the body. But, how to maintain it? By focusing on vitamin C-based foods such as citrus fruits and opting for a healthy diet rich in antioxidants, which eliminate toxins in the body.

Protect against stunting factors
Some risk factors cause stunting including harmful substances such as drugs, alcohol or even tobacco. Indeed, they affect the general health including the immune system and the ability of the body to regenerate. As a result, it affects growth and that is why it is essential to ensure a healthy lifestyle.