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The 8 Biggest Regrets That People Have Just Before Dying

The 8 Biggest Regrets That People Have Just Before Dying

People often tend to take almost everything for granted. The reason is that we have the impression that we have a lot of time left to live in front of us. But the truth is that time is running past us and there are days that pass so fast that we do not even realize it. We hate Mondays, as well as the whole week and we wait for the arrival of Friday. We work hard and we suffer in the meanwhile cécongé so desired. In fact, we forget to focus on the present. So, day after day, month after month, a whole year goes by without anyone realizing it.

Unfortunately, once you get old, you become more and more aware of these truths about life. The closer we get to the exit door of this world, the more we tend to regret the things we did not do. Here are 8 frequent regrets that people have before leaving this world, hoping that it will allow you to remember your dearest dreams, before it is too late.

1. "I would have liked to live more for myself"
When a person realizes that she is at the end of her life, she tends to take a look behind her and regrets not having realized her dreams.

According to Bronnie Ware, a palliative care nurse from Australia, this is one of the biggest regrets patients have. She says that while all of them had finally found some peace before dying, she still heard heartbreaking confessions from them. She even wrote a book called The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, (The 5 greatest regrets during death).

2. "I regret having spent all my life working hard"
A strong dedication to a career or success in a specific field is a real achievement in life. However, this should not make anyone forget to live. Some parents spend their entire lives running around, working hard, even forgetting their children. Keep in mind that we only have one life and what we do with it depends only on us. Do not waste it for nothing.

3. "I feel bad because I have always been afraid to express my feelings"
So many people put aside their feelings for different reasons. Some are afraid to reveal what they keep inside of themselves, while others do so in order to please others. They keep their hearts mute and swallow their words.

4. "I would have liked to stay close to some people"
There are people who can not realize the true meaning of a relationship for life, an eternal friendship. They stay locked in a life where there is nothing but work and forget those who have promised to stay with them. And it is at the end of life that we realize the value of unconditional love and being surrounded by wonderful people who love us as much as we love them.

5. "I would have liked to live a happier life"
We often tend to put the cause of our miserable lives on futile factors. We blame society, people, the media. We avoid taking responsibility, as this seems to be the least painful way to go. But when the end approaches, we regret all those lost years, we regret not having lived fully.

6. "I regret that I cared so much about what others said about me"
This is an element that can prevent someone from living their life as they should. When we are very concerned about the opinions of others, we always decide to lead a life in the image of what they want. Do not fall into this trap.

7. "I really regret taking life for granted"
The worst thing anyone could do is take this one life for granted. People often go in search of something else instead of focusing on the day they live, without bothering to appreciate what they have.

8. "I regret not having lived the present moment"
We must above all try to live in the present moment. You probably have a lot of people around you who spend their lives in love's sorrows and who live in the past, paradoxically hoping for better days. We must learn from their mistakes and tell them the way to go. We need to live the present because you have no idea how much beauty there is in this world. We should just change our vision of life.