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Do Not Make Those Mistakes In Bed Anymore. They Destroy Your Couple

Do Not Make Those Mistakes In Bed Anymore. They Destroy Your Couple

Relationships are never as simple as we can believe. Indeed, far from romantic comedies where the least concern is easily resolved in bed, the marriage chamber is a place where we tend to adopt habits sometimes harmful to the couple. By the way, here is the list of 10 bad habits in the bedroom that ruin a relationship!

Do Not Make Those Mistakes In Bed Anymore

1. Send SMs from your bed
Whether professional or friendly, SMS are a source of conflict within the couple because they can install the doubt of infidelity. And this phenomenon is even more accentuated when one of the partners sends SMS at bedtime. So, answer your messages outside the bedroom, for the sake of your relationship.

2. Have your eyes fixed on your mobile phone
Just like answering SMS in the bed, keeping your eyes on your cell phone is the best way to annoy the other. So, even if you like to surf social networks, make sure you give your partner time and drop the virtual to really appreciate the real world.

3. Watch television
The television in the room, even if it is watched by both partners, is a brake on the well-being of the couple because it impacts the libido. In fact, according to a study of 523 couples, by an Italian specialist, Serenella Salomoni; couples with a TV in their bedroom are half as likely to love as those who do not.

4. Read a book
Although reading a book is a beneficial activity, it is done in ... solitary. Thus, if you want to maintain your relationship, avoid reading a book before sleeping and opt for interactions with your partner including hugs and tickling. Complicity and laughs guaranteed!

5. Bring work home
In general, bringing work home prevents you from enjoying your personal life and this makes you less available to your partner. Worse still, if you do your work in bed, at bedtime. So, learn to make the difference between private and professional life, for your balance and that of your couple.

6. Solitarily choosing the decoration of the room
The bedroom is a place specific to the couple, especially if you are in full construction of your nest lovers. Thus, for both partners to feel fulfilled, it is important that everyone adds a personal touch to the decor.

7. Take all the space in the closet 
Symbolically, making room in your closet for your partner shows that you are making room for it in your life. Conversely, it is a sign of difficulty in engaging yourself or an underlying problem. Therefore, if you take all the space in the closet (and even if you have a lot of clothes), ask yourself the right questions.

8. Never tidy up
Living in a relationship means living with each person's personality but also with their ability to put away. And since the room is the place where the territory is shared, as much as to tell you that if one does not fit, it's a party with a grimace! So, take on yourself and make efforts to make your room always want to be there.

9. Eat in bed
All fire all flame, you engulf with your partner in your room and before raising the sheets to snuggle sensually underneath, you remember that you have eaten in the bed and that surely remains crumbs. Moment of discomfort and loneliness ... To avoid this kind of scenario, nothing more simple, do not eat in bed! The kitchen and the dining room are for that purpose.

10. Go to bed after an unresolved argument
One of the habits that kill love? To go to sleep always being angry. In addition to a bad night, you will quickly realize that the problems have not evaporated. So, to end the breakfasts where you make your head and to sleep quietly in the arms of one another, have a rule: never to go to bed after an argument not settled.