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5 Essential Sentences That Men Like To Hear From A Woman

5 Essential Sentences That Men Like To Hear From A Woman

If women often love their ears rather than their eyes, this is also the case for some men ... Today, discover the Sentences that men like to hear most from a woman.

If women like to be complimented for their physique, their beauty or their intelligence men are not left out! Praise and praise of all kinds, you appreciate that we can compliment and flatter you and this, all day long if possible.

Essential Sentences That Men Like To Hear From A Woman

A recent research in social psychology has shown that your appreciation for someone tends to increase according to the nature and frequency of compliments ... But in fact, what are the types of compliments you like to hear from a woman gentlemen?

1. "You are the most beautiful person I know":
We do not think about it often, but men are also sensitive to this kind of statement. To know that you think of him that he has a beautiful soul can only make him happy! Moreover, the best way to crack a man is to be able to tell him that everything at home please you and that you will probably not succeed in finding better elsewhere. Use your charm and your eyes to make him pass all the messages that go through your head ...

2. "You are the best":
Men like to be reassured and to say that for you, they are undoubtedly the best ladies! It is important to know how to put them in trust and to be able to compliment them as often as possible. For this, nothing like taking the time to list all his qualities and tell him all the good that you think of him. It will only boost his self-confidence and you too.

3. "You are my hero! "
It is surely the compliment that will make it the most effect. For what better for your man than to know that without him, you would probably be nothing ... Repeat him so often that you need his help. Guaranteed result!

4. "You're so attractive...":
As is the case for many women, men also need to know that they please you physically ladies! What better in this case than to tell him that in your eyes, they are certainly the most beautiful and you find them attractive to perfection ...

5. "I love you":
Classic, but of unmatched efficiency, "I love you" is the most beautiful sentence you can say to your man. Many of you will say that this is not a compliment but it is just as important to be able to repeat as soon as you get the chance to say that oh so beautiful. Failing to appear trivial, it remains the most important statement you can make to your man. Your couple will be more fulfilled.