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Friends Ranked From Best To Worst Based On Their Astrological Sign

Friends Ranked From Best To Worst Based On Their Astrological Sign

Friendship is one of the precious things in life. It is more important for health; science has proved it after several studies and serious research.

But having friends, real ones, is not always easy. According to astrology, here is the ranking of the zodiac signs from the best to the worst friends.

Friends Ranked From Best To Worst According To Their Astrological Sign

1. Libra 
Of all the signs, Libra are the kindest and most peaceful. They will never deliberately hurt you. They will always do the right thing and more without asking anything in return. Their social circle is made up of a large group of people and everyone knows where they are going.

2. Scorpio
Scorpios are the most interesting of all signs. What places them at number 2 of the list, is that they value trust and loyalty. Once they realize they can trust you, they will always be there for you. They have a deep understanding of people. If you become friends with a Scorpion, you will have a friend for life.

3. Pisces 
Pisces are the most emotional of all signs. But it is these emotions that form deep bonds with people. They are really the most empathic of all the signs and can feel your pain. As friends, they will go beyond what you expect from them, and you will always have someone to entrust to you without judgment.

4. Gemini
What is interesting about Gemini, like Pisces, are deep and emotional thinkers. But they are also very social and extroverted. This makes them good friends because you can have deep conversations with them. Of all the signs, they have a very good listening and give the best advice.

5. Leo
Lion are the calmest of all signs. They have this ability to make everyone fall in love with them. They are the friend that everyone wants because their heart is truly authentic and when they find someone with whom they create a bond, it is a relationship that will make that person's life truly better. They thrive in healthy relationships.

6. Sagittarius
Sagittarians do not have many friends and are not the most social. They would rather have some friends they can count on. They focus a lot on their work and their goals which are sometimes at the root of their relationships. They thrive in deep relationships, but sometimes fail to find people who can understand them.

7. Aquarius
Aquarians are the strangest of all signs, but you will also have the most fun with them. They do what they want and do not really care what people think. They build a lot of friendly relationships and make you feel that you are the most loved person in the world.

8. Cancer
Cancer spend a lot of time alone. They need time to trust people and they move away a lot. They are really involved in their friendship, but it takes time to get to that point. Although they have a good heart, they are sometimes cold because they are afraid of being hurt. They have trouble forgiving some things and never give others a second chance.

9. Aries
The number one quality that a Aries seeks from a friend is trust. Aries looks hard at first, but once you know them, they are sensitive. Aries do not really know how to show their emotions. They are of hot temperament with which it will be necessary to compose.

10. Taurus
Taurus is the least dramatic of all signs. He is laid back and carefree and a really loyal friend. He has long-standing relationships, never breaks bridges and has no problems with anyone. But he is very stubborn. Taurus always keeps his words.

11. Capricorn
Capricorns are the funniest of all signs, but also those that can inspire you with wacky ideas. That's why it's highly likely that you'll end up on an adventure with them, so you have to be ready for it.

12. Virgo
Virgo is difficult to make friends because of their irritability and forgiveness. They are among the best people to have as a friend rather than an enemy.