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5 Great Exercises To Remove Fat From The Arms And Firm Them Up

5 Great Exercises To Remove Fat From The Arms And Firm Them Up

The fat in the arms is not at all pleasant to see or support. There are many women who suffer and try to hide this part of their body with long sleeves sometimes even in summer, others will opt for expensive cosmetic surgery. But do you know that there are effective exercises that you can do at home to get rid of this unpleasant fat?

According to an Australian study, women have 6 to 11% more fat than men, because of the estrogen level that is higher in women. It is important to know that fat, when not in excess, is a source of body energy and is also needed for hormone production. This fat can be localized in the thighs, the belly and the arms.

Remove Fat From The Arms And Firm Them Up

Here are 5 exercises to remove fat from the arms

If you suffer from loose arms with fat, do not worry! Here is a list of 5 effective exercises that will help you tone and firm your arms.

1. Shoulder and arm movements with dumbbells
With two dumbbells or two small bottles of water, this training will work on the shoulders, chest and arms. Each training session should not take more than 60 seconds, using moderately heavy equipment that will allow you to do 10 to 12 repetitions while maintaining a good technique. It is also important to rest between dumbbell workouts, at least a full day between the two.

2. Tricep extensions with dumbbells
Still using a dumbbell or a bottle of water, do a series of exercises above the head. This bodybuilding exercise develops the triceps muscles that are located on the back of the arm.

3. Push Up
This video will help you practice the push up in a completely correct way, with a single simple exercise, you will work several different muscle groups, including arms, shoulders, chest, back, abdominals and even legs.

4. Sideboard from top to bottom
This variant of the board will allow you to work and firm all the lower part of the arms. You must remain static tight belly, just make movements with your elbows as explained on the video.

5. The side-by-side side
Again, we will use a dumbbell or a bottle of water to lift the arm in a lateral way. Watch the exercise in detail on the video below.

To speed up your results and to get rid of fatty folds, you should follow a healthy diet. Your diet should include balanced and high protein meals, some complex carbohydrates, and lots of fruits and vegetables. Remember that protein is the key to building muscle! It is also important to avoid all processed foods that are high in sugar, salt and other unhealthy additives. Do not forget to drink water to eliminate toxins and waste and keep your body hydrated.

The combination of a workout and a healthy diet will give you firm, smooth arms in no time. Stop waiting until tomorrow, start your training today!