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Men With Hairy Torsos Are Smarter According To Scientists

Men With Hairy Torsos Are Smarter According To Scientists

Hairiness in a man has always been synonymous with virility, strength and attraction, the hair exerting a certain appeal in women. But according to researchers, men with hairy breasts may have another fundamental quality, namely intelligence.

Men With Hairy Torsos Are Smarter According To Scientists

The American psychiatrist Aikarakudy Alias affirmed, at the 8th Congress of the Association of European Psychiatrists in London, that intelligence goes hand in hand with hair. His study showed that the rate of very hairy people in the United States was, especially among medical students and apprentice engineers. According to him, men who have a hairy chest tend to have higher marks, be more educated and have better jobs than their hairless counterparts.

The study was completed in India, where he studied the case of some students in medicine and engineering, during the academic ranking. He confirmed that the most hairy students got better grades. He later studied the case of members of Mensa (an elite organization that advocates for human intelligence) and found that the majority of its members have more hair than the average population. Better still, these men had not only hair on their torso but also on their backs. Thanks to Dr. Alias, men with hairy chests are now gaining more respect.

Nevertheless, it would be wrong to take away the intelligence of those whose bodies are devoid of hair. Indeed, even if it is confirmed that the hair is synonymous with intelligence, there are also intelligent men with little or no hair that have an IQ well above average. Take the case of Albert Einstein who did not have one and he is the proof of it.

Other benefits of hair
Aside from intelligence, body hair has other benefits and can be good for the health of the human being. Indeed, having body hair is vital to protect your health in many ways:

Maintaining skin health: According to Tobin, the presence of body hair is important for maintaining skin health. Each hair follicle produces in addition to a hair fiber, masses of blood vessels, nerves and fat around. Hair follicles are vital for healing the skin. After a cut or injury, the stem cells in the hair follicles help to heal the wound.

Keeping warm: Another benefit of having body hair is keeping the body warm. It goes back to the Stone Age, when humans did not have a lot of clothes and relied on their hair and hair to keep them warm during the cold seasons. If we take the case of bald people, they lose more heat. This is due to the fact that when we are cold, body hair stands up to trap the warm air inside our body.

Protection against bacteria: No matter where they are, body hair protects us from bacteria and prevents dust from entering our body.

Protection against infections: When we pull the hair off the root, we leave a hole on the skin, leaving the skin vulnerable to infections. On the other hand, when women pull out pubic hair, their genitals become prone to itching and thus yeast infections or other infections.

Whether these hairs are synonymous with intelligence or beauty in humans, it goes without saying that they have a considerable impact on the health of our body.