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Mother Admits To Freezing Her Newborns In Her Freezer

Mother Admits To Freezing Her Newborns In Her Freezer

Every year more than 70 million unwanted pregnancies are recorded worldwide, either because of the non-use of contraception or its failure. Some people will accept the situation and adapt by completing the pregnancy, others will have unexpected reactions, even cruel. As was the case with this mother who was freezing her unwanted newborns at home. Discover more details in this article!

There are many reasons why a woman does not want to have a child at a particular time in her life, which is why about half of all unwanted pregnancies end in abortion. Steffi Schmidt is one of those moms, except that instead of aborting she decided to kill her 2 babies at birth by freezing them. Like the French Véronique Courjault, who killed 3 of her newborns by freezing them, this 46-year-old German was sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison after her crimes were discovered.

Mother Admits To Freezing Her Newborns In Her Freezer

The reality about unwanted pregnancies

Unwanted pregnancy is a global problem that affects women, their families and society. Unwanted pregnancy can result from contraceptive failure, non-use of the many available contraceptive methods and, more rarely, from rape. Abortion is a common consequence of unwanted pregnancy but can have serious long-term negative effects on health, including infertility and maternal death.

In some countries, poverty, malnutrition, and lack of sanitation and education have serious consequences for the health of women and their families who experience an unwanted pregnancy. Regardless of the cause, unwanted pregnancies and their negative consequences can be prevented through contraception.

In more extreme cases, the negative consequences of unwanted pregnancies can be disastrous. The testimony in this article is an example, read it to the end!

The breakup of the couple revealed the secret

Steffi Schmidt is a 46 year old woman who had two children with her partner Uwe W. Despite the use of contraceptives, the young woman was still pregnant, but in both cases she was able to keep her pregnancy secret. unwanted until birth.

According to Ms. Schmidt's statements, after the birth of her first baby, she put it in a plastic bag while he was alive and put it in the freezer. The child died of hypothermia.

As for the second child, he would have been smothered before being placed in another bag next to the second baby. She did this because according to her, she did not want to get away from the bodies of her children, so she hid them in her freezer.

During the interrogation, the mother was asked why she had not aborted, the woman was justified by the fact that she did not have health insurance or a driving license to go to a school. clinical. At one point, she also said that by the time she discovered the pregnancy, it was already too late for an abortion.

After the investigations, it was discovered that after their breakup, the partner wanted to take revenge and thus called the police to inform her about what this mother did to her babies.

The man's desire for vengeance, however, turned against him when authorities discovered he knew about frozen babies from the beginning. Worse yet, it was discovered that the man had his partner blackmailed with information about the dead babies by forcing her to have intimacy with him in exchange for his silence. Since his arrest, Schmidt has confessed to these acts.

Dr. Steffen Daue, a forensic psychologist, said the mother is a passive person, who avoids finding solutions to conflicts. But she was well aware of her actions, and if she had become pregnant again, she would have acted in the same way as in the two cases for which she is accused.

The mother was sentenced to nine and a half years in prison for murdering two of her own children. According to police reports, the woman admitted that she had killed her babies because she believed that her husband did not want more children. She adds that she considers herself a monster and that she deserves her pain.

A very sad story that attests to the lack of education, support and communication in some families. Dialogue is indispensable within a couple; it solves the problems and agrees on the objectives of each partner.