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Do Not Get Married Especially To A Man Who Does These 4 Things

Do Not Get Married Especially To A Man Who Does These 4 Things

Marriage is a sacred bond that unites two people for life. To be happy and sustainable, it must be built on sure values that will ensure its sustainability, such as respect, love, loyalty and commitment, but also shared with the right person. To help ladies avoid becoming involved in a failed marriage, absolutely avoid men who do these 4 things!

In France, 45% of marriages are doomed to fail and end in divorce! A figure that reflects the reality of homes that is influenced by different causes including infidelity, bad character, abusive behavior, money problems, working conditions, incompatibility, step-parents and more. It is women who ask for divorce most often and when a woman feels that she can no longer bring about change in her relationship, she ends up forsaking the relationship and tries to get out of it at all costs.

Do Not Get Married Especially To A Man Who Does These 4 Things

An often painful decision that can lead the couple to psychic problems including stress, isolation and depression.

However, it is possible to avoid these difficult moments by choosing from the beginning the right person to marry. Often in a couple, the signs of dysfunction appear in a short and obvious manner, so be careful and watchful to detect them and end the relationship before it is too late. To help you distinguish the good from the bad, we present you 4 things to observe in a man and who can prove to you that he is far from being the desired spouse.

If your man does these 4 things, do not marry him!

1. Bad temperament and violence
The violence does not have to become physical to trigger the alarm. If a man indulges in excessive verbal excesses and physical actions such as the destruction of property, it may be only a matter of time before violence is turned towards his partner in the form of physical violence. . Even worse, bad temperament and violence tend to intensify over time and can not be easily contained and avoided without the intervention of a specialist.

2. Adultery:
Once a person has shown his willingness to cross the line of infidelity, that will always exist. If your man has a history of infidelity in previous relationships or is cheating on your current relationship, be aware that the couple is doomed to failure. You will never know happiness, because the love and respect that are necessary for the success of marriage become non-existent. Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship and when it is betrayed, nothing can replace it.

3. The addiction:
Drug abuse, alcoholism, inter course addiction and problem gambling are all highly destructive behavior problems for the person and for the people around them. This type of person often needs to take a therapy to get rid of the addiction before starting a serious relationship. Engaging with a woman in a serious relationship will only worsen the situation and create an environment conducive to worry.

4. The possessiveness:
If a man shows signs of extreme jealousy and a willingness to control and own his partner, he most likely suffers from psychological disorders including lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. A mentally healthy man understands the need for a woman's social interaction and does not get in her way. Unfortunately, possessive behaviors often lead to rage and violence.

If your partner has any of these signs, be aware that he or she is not the ideal person to marry. Your best option is to get away from these men and move on to find the healthy relationship you deserve. Do not be a victim of your feelings, be it love, compassion or pity! The success of a marriage requires two mature people to handle their problems and share a life together.