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Ranking The Zodiac Signs From The Wisest To The Scariest!

Ranking The Zodiac Signs From The Wisest To The Scariest!

Astrology often helps people to understand each other, to know the qualities of the people around them and especially the ones that matter to them. But we do not only have positive traits and qualities, we also have flaws. It is therefore time to dive into the dark side of each sign of the zodiac, in this article you will discover a classification of astrological signs from least to most scary!

Ranking The Zodiac Signs From The Wisest To The Scariest!

Are you ranked first or last in the list?

1. Cancer
You are a kind person, as harmless as a fly! Even when someone makes you angry, the scariest thing you can do is to rummage through his phone and spend a little more time observing his profile on social networks. You are ready to do sneaky things in the name of love. Otherwise, you are as normal as possible.

2. Virgo
You might own some scary dolls and maybe even stuffed animals, but all in all, you're pretty sane. With you, we do not have to watch his back! You are a transparent person with no hard feelings. You are not the type to stab someone in the back. You have healthy values and a good heart.

3. Taurus
You spend your weekends watching horror movies with your friends, the Halloween period excites you so much. And your wardrobe is full of black clothes. You think you're scary, but you're actually quite harmless.

4. Leo
You always talk about death, especially when it comes to how you want to die. When you are angry, you say things so cruel that you feel like you can slit the person's throat in the face. And when you are happy, you say things so intense, everything that comes out of your mouth is violent.

5. Pisces 
Movies are never enough gore to satisfy you. And even if you claim that you hate fears, they still get your adrenaline pumping. You also love haunted houses and throbbing music because they boost your adrenaline and increase the pressure. Which gives you a lot of fun. It's actually a kind of satisfaction for a terrified being.

6. Libra
You believe in ghosts. You read the palms of your hands and the cards as often as you can. And there is always a kind of new conspiracy theory that you are 100% convinced is the truth.

7. Gemini
You are not afraid of things that most people fear. You have no problem with spiders or rats. You do not panic when you see blood or guts. And you feel completely comfortable sitting inside the cemeteries and walking in the woods. Nothing disturbs you.

8. Scorpio
You are sadistic, the kind of person who slows down every time he sees a car accident to take a look at the damage. And you are insensitive to violence. The kind of person who does not even notice when blood is coming out of his own body until someone else reports it.

9. Aquarius
You've joked about some pretty disturbing things in the past, and the history of your internet browser is full of incriminating research. It's not like you're dismembering someone with a saw or you need to know which poison is the most difficult to detect in someone's body, it's just that you're just curious about the answers.

10. Sagittarius
You like shows about the disturbing ways of dying. And you've read countless articles about serial killers, because their stories fascinate you, to the point that you take them as an idol. You feel a strange connection with them.

11. Aries
You have a collection of knives in your closet and you have read passages from the satanic Bible. Indeed, you know more than you should about how to perform exorcism, how to mix a lethal potion, and how to hide the body of a dead person.

12. Capricorn
You have all the qualities of a serial killer. You can get away from situations, in fact you do not care about the problems of others, rather yours. If you had enough reason to kill someone, you could easily do it without getting caught or spending a day in a prison cell. You are the most lethal of all zodiac signs.