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The Main Reason Why Your Relationships Never Work According To Your Zodiac Sign

The Main Reason Why Your Relationships Never Work According To Your Zodiac Sign

A relationship is the union of two people who do not necessarily have the same character or way of life. It is also the cohabitation of a set of qualities and defects of one and the other. Moreover, these can affect our love relationships and this according to our zodiac sign. It is therefore an opportunity to discover the main defect of each sign in order to work on oneself and to avoid that it sabotages our relations in the future.

The Main Reason Why Your Relationships Never Work According To Your Zodiac Sign

That's why your relationships do not work according to the stars!

You are constantly on the lookout for your next adventure. You hate to get bored, and if someone does not fulfill all your expectations and your wildest dreams, you tend to want to change it. You ruin relationships by waiting for them to always be a unique adventure.

You have trouble forgetting the past. No matter how much time has passed, you tend to hold grudges and use past situations against your loved ones. You can not let things go, and that puts a strain on your love life. If someone hurts you one way or another, he will probably pay the price for the rest of his life.

You have trouble aiming at a particular thing or person. You ruin your relationship by thinking that happiness is elsewhere! As a result, you will not find success in love until you give up the idea that you will be happy with someone else. Concentrate on what you have right now and enjoy it before it's too late.

You may feel super sticky or even invasive for your partner because you want to know every little detail about it. You want to build deep bonds with him / her, but sometimes it may seem too intrusive to his taste, which can discourage him completely.

You are constantly ruining relationships by always having everything go the way you want. You are not good at compromising because you think your ideas are always the best. Sometimes it is not because someone does not have the same opinions or beliefs as you, that he is mistaken.

You complain about the smallest things and your attitude can go very quickly adrift. Your partner is discouraged by your negativity. You ruin your relationship by letting it run your life. You can not be happy with others until you are happy with yourself,

Your sensitive nature is something you should admire, but sometimes you are a bit too sensitive. You can not make funny jokes without melting in tears. You constantly feel attacked, which often affects your relationships.

You ruin your relationships by excluding people quickly from your life, you do not give them a chance to prove themselves. Love is synonymous with drama because you do not know how to be patient with your partner.

You are very pragmatic in everything you do in life, especially in your relationships. You want to feel totally and fully connected to your partner, especially physically. And if you do not feel that kind of link you stop immediately. You ruin your relationships by constantly seeking perfection.

You have built a wall around you so that no one can enter the softer and deeper parts of your soul. You ruin your relationships by being distant with your partner. You are constantly afraid of being disappointed and hurt in love!

You ruin your relationships by your careless behavior. You may care deeply about your partner, but you do not really show it. You are lazy in relationships and have never really taken the time to show your half how much it means to you.

You are sociable and you love talking to anyone and everyone around you. You are always in conversation with strangers and you are extremely friendly. It's a great quality to have, but sometimes you do a little too much for your partner. You ruin your relationship by being motivated towards strangers and neglecting the closest.