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5 Secret Ways To Use Baking Soda For Beautiful Hair And Skin

5 Secret Ways To Use Baking Soda For Beautiful Hair And Skin

Baking soda is an increasingly popular product because of its multiple properties. It can be used both in the kitchen, as a body care or maintenance product. Moreover, as it is natural, it is a very good ally in terms of beauty care. Find in this article 5 effective uses of baking soda for hair and skin.

Secret Ways To Use Baking Soda For Beautiful Hair And Skin

1. Treatment against acne

Baking soda cleans oily skin deeply by removing sebum, dirt and dead cells that clog pores. However, if you have dry or irritated skin, this powder may dry out. It is best to use it in this case with coconut oil to avoid the feeling of tightness.

In a container, mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 3 teaspoons of water until a dough is obtained. If you have dry skin, replace the water with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Then apply a thin layer of this paste on the part prone to acne. Leave on for a few minutes, then rinse your face. This remedy should be applied twice a week.

2. Treatment against white spots
Baking soda addresses the problem of whiteheads and blackheads by cleaning pores clogged with sebum. Lemon acts as a toner and a cleanser, sugar acts as an exfoliant, while honey helps rehydrate the skin.

In a container mix 1 tablespoon baking soda, 1 tablespoon honey and 2 teaspoons lemon juice. Use the paste to massage the skin affected by the white spots for a few minutes. Let stand 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing with water. Do this 2 times a week for about 2 weeks to completely eliminate whiteheads. Do not expose yourself to the sun because of the photosensitive effect of lemon. It is therefore recommended to use any mixture of lemon at bedtime and moisturize the skin after rinsing.

3. Treatment against blackheads
Blackheads are unsightly and make the skin unattractive. Use a sugar and baking soda scrub to remove sebum and dead skin cells that clog pores on the surface of the skin creating blackheads.

In a bowl mix 2 tablespoons baking soda, 2 tablespoons granulated sugar and 4 tablespoons water. Apply this scrub on all skin with blackheads and gently massage in circular motions for 2 to 3 minutes before rinsing with water. Use this scrub once a week for 2 to 3 weeks.

4. Treatment for oily hair
Excess sebum in the sebaceous glands of hair is the cause of oily hair. The baking soda treatment can help to degrease them effectively.

In a container, put a measure of baking soda with 3 parts of water and mix to create a slightly light paste. Apply the paste on the scalp using a hair dye brush or simply with your fingers. Let stand for 30 minutes before washing your hair with your usual shampoo. Make this mask once a week to restore the health of your hair.

This trick is not recommended for people with colored hair because baking soda is a natural bleach.

5. Treatment of anti-dandruff
The mixture of baking soda and lemon juice, helps eliminate dandruff. They also prevent fungal growth in the scalp, preventing dandruff from reappearing.

Use the juice of a lemon that you add to 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Mix the ingredients until you get a paste.

Apply the paste on the scalp using cotton, massaging the roots well. Leave for about 15 minutes before rinsing with water. Repeat this remedy once a week for 1 month to get a better result.