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7 Signs That Your Current Love Story Will Last Forever

7 Signs That Your Current Love Story Will Last Forever

Who would not wish or would not dream that his couple could last a long time, if not always ...? This is a wish that many people share. For that, it is important that the two companions can respect a certain number of "rules" to hope that their couple can last in time. But more importantly, they need to share many common points to ensure the sustainability of their relationship.

If today, more than 45% of marriages end in a divorce, 55% of marriages and unions still happen to last. What is the secret of longevity of some couples? What are the signs that prove that your couple is made to last? Reply.

7 Signs That Your Current Love Story Will Last Forever

You have fun together:
A serene and happy couple, it is above all a couple who knows how to enjoy the little moments of life and who knows how to constantly have fun. Take a step back despite the seriousness of certain events in life, keep smiling in all circumstances ... all this is much more peaceful and especially more pleasant, when done to two. What's better for two people than laughing together and sharing moments of complicity together? If you are part of this kind of couples, know that you are made to last ...

You help each other:
In a relationship, it is important to know that you can count on your partner, regardless of the circumstances. This is almost necessary in any case if you want your torque to last. Two people who are in love with each other and who display immeasurable support for each other are much more likely to develop strong complicity between them. What strengthen their couple!

Your darling's friends are your friends:
Another important point but not so obvious to understand at first: if you share the same interests, it is normal that at some point in your relationship, you will have to introduce your companion to your friends, because you share with them also a lot of interests in the end ... Moreover, a recent American study revealed that your relationship was much more likely to last in time if your darling (e) got along well with your friends…

You embrace yourself all the time:
It is often said that at the beginning of any relationship, inter-course is more frequent. Well this is not necessarily the case for the kiss that continues to be the proof of affection and love most appreciated by most couples, much more than the physical intimacy act! Indeed, as time passes, kisses become more tender and affectionate. This shows a relationship of couple based on gentleness and affection.

You respect each other:
For a relationship to be successful and sustainable, respect for the other person's personality and their most intimate convictions is simply appropriate. A couple can never last in time if the two people forming this couple do not respect each other and do not try to understand each other and to value each other especially.

You have recognition for being loved:
When you are in a relationship, it is important to be able to say things sincerely and without language. So that yours lasts even longer, think to testify to your spouse all the love which you carry to him, and especially, do not hesitate to tell him that you show you to be grateful towards the life, the universe or the destiny of have placed your darling on your way.

You cuddle ... even while sleeping:
If you are used to showing yourself very demonstrative / demonstrative towards your spouse, nothing prevents you from doing it ... even in the bed. Indeed, recent studies have shown that couples who sleep together are much more likely to stay together for a very long time ... you know what you have to do now!