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15 Signs He Intends To Make Of You His Wife

15 Signs He Intends To Make Of You His Wife

You've been together long enough, you're starting to wonder if he's planning to put the ring on your finger. All kinds of questions start flowing in your head and you can not do anything anymore. But do not worry, this concern is normal and is actually healthy because you deserve your man to commit to life with you. Know then that there are small clues that can show you if the idea of making you his wife has already crossed his mind or not.

Signs He Intends To Make Of You His Wife

1. He saves money
Some time ago, he was probably a spender. But now he's trying to control his purchases and put his financial priorities in order.

2. He often says "we"
When you see that every time he talks about something that could only include him, especially if it's a project, he always speaks in terms of "us". That means he does not look at life at all without you.

3. All his friends are married
Like it or not, friends have a great influence on our lives. So if you see that all his friends get married one by one and are happy about it, he is likely to do the same thing.

4. He values your opinions
If your role in your man's life changes from girlfriend to wife, he will act accordingly. So, your opinion will always be very important for him whatever the decision to make.

5. He is not afraid to open up to you
A great sign that your man is interested in you is to tell you about his life, his fears and insecurities. That means he sees you as a special person in his life, and maybe he wants that to be the case for life.

6. He manages your mood like no one does
If you know that your darling has an answer to all your confusion and is able to temper your anger for you to get better, it means that you are destined to be together.

7. He goes shopping with you without any problem
As you probably already know, shopping is not men's favorite pastime. But if your man goes shopping with you without this being a problem for him, it means that he loves you enough to ask you in marriage.

8. He trusts you
Trust is crucial in a couple. If, for example, your darling does not deny you access to his mobile phone or bank account, it means he really trusts you.

9. He believes in your dreams
For a man to love you to the point of wanting to marry you, he must know what you want to do with your life. If he believes in your dreams and encourages you to reach them, it may be that he is ready to make you his wife.

10. You laugh at the same things
You both have the same twisted humor that makes you feel more connected than ever. You even laugh at jokes that others have trouble understanding.

11. His family loves you
Just the fact that his family knows you is enough to make you guess that it's not temporary. But if in addition, his family loves you, then there is even more chance that you have a common future. His parents might even suggest that he marry you.

12. No conflicts over money
You can go through financial crises, but the money problems will never cause a conflict between you two, because your money is his and his money is yours.

13. Discussions on the future
He tries to ask you questions about your future. He tries to know if you too want to start a family. These kind of bold questions can be taken as an obvious sign that he intends to marry you.

14. You have common interests
Although this is not a concrete sign that your relationship will go to marriage. Sharing the same interests with you is one more reason your darling plans to spend the rest of your life with you.

15. He pampers you
It's not just giving you gifts, it makes you feel special as soon as the opportunity arises. He really treats you like a princess because he thinks you deserve it. He pampers you because he loves you enough to see you as his future wife.