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7 Signs That Your Partner Does Not Love You And Just Spends Time With You

7 Signs That Your Partner Does Not Love You And Just Spends Time With You

It's really unfortunate to discover that the person you're supposed to be with is not in love with you. Of course, you expect her to have the same feelings as yours. But sometimes life does not always give us what we want and what we deserve. It happens that we are with people who, instead of loving us, are content to be there, present body but not heart. According to the best experts in the field, there are signs that reveal the lack of love on the side of your partner.

7 Signs That Your Partner Does Not Like You And Just Spends Time With You

A look like of relationship
In opposite to what many people may think, it takes a lot of effort and energy to pretend to love a person. For example, if your partner has just started a relationship with you, it means that he really has to play a role every time you try to be intimate and affectionate with him. He will try to imitate the feelings you have for him, while all this is not natural or sincere. But when love in a relationship is real, then the expression and manifestation of that love should not require any effort.

True love
When you love someone, you always want to make sure that person feels as included and involved in your life as much as possible. You want to make sure you do not live your life by having your partner as a spectator. You want him to feel everything you feel. You want it to be part of all the experiences you live. You want it to be one of the important decisions you will make about your relationship and your life in general. And all this requires some investment in terms of energy.

But once one of the partners is fatigued in a relationship, then the true nature of the person begins to surface. No matter why you are exhausted, if you love someone, this will not prevent you from being consistent with this love. While when you simulate that love and you no longer have the courage to endure the hardships the couple faces, your acting simply begins to be unmasked.

But there are practical ways to know if your partner's love for you is genuine or not. You just need to be able to know the signs so you can be on the lookout and not delude yourself.

1. A lack of real interest in you
The partner who pretends to love you does not really try to get to know you better. He's really not interested in getting closer to you or connecting you. Nor does he take the time to go deep into what makes you what you are, your character and your personality.

2. Your couple is not really one
In such situations, the life of a couple is more like a roommate than a romantic relationship. If you do not share anything, why stay together?

3. Your partner is particularly critical about you
It simply means that you are with a person who does not really like the circumstances surrounding your relationship. And that is why he will try to criticize you and change you to the person he wants you to be.

4. The only connection you have is physical intimacy
Physical intimacy is probably something awesome and primordial in a relationship. However, if physical intimacy is the absolute pinnacle of intimacy and the bond that unites you as a couple, and if your relationship is reduced to that, that's not good at all.

5. Your partner never plans anything for both of you
Your relationship is more like an agreement in principle between two people. An agreement to stay together without having any real direction or motivation to envision a common future.

6. You constantly feel depressed
You never feel that you are important, let alone priority. You just feel that you are fulfilling the role of accessory in the life of your spouse rather than that of a human being in its own right.

7. You do not feel free to express yourself
You have the impression of never having real space to express yourself. And if you ever do it, you see that what you say is not taken into consideration and that we do not listen to you. It's as if everything that came out of your mouth fell on deaf ears.