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20 Stages Of A Relationship Between A Narcissist And An Empath

20 Stages Of A Relationship Between A Narcissist And An Empath

Narcissistic people unfortunately tend to attract very empathic people, which can lead to toxic relationships. Nevertheless, the narcissist will have no intention of developing deep ties with his new partner, who will be happy and satisfied with the proximity of the narcissist thinking that his feelings are reciprocal.

Stages Of A Relationship Between A Narcissist And An Empath

1 - The empathy begins to feel that he has finally found the love of his life. The narcissistic partner will plunge him into illusion and appreciate the relationship as much, but not for the same reasons. Because the narcissist wants only to have control.

2 - Over time, the narcissist will try to break the empathist's self-esteem by making him believe that he is incapable of doing anything. He will never attack it openly, however. The narcissist will control more and more the situation while his partner him, will gradually lose his self-esteem.

3 - The narcissist eventually becomes the center of the world of the empath because the latter is really sincere in his feelings. He will then give without counting. The narcissist will always pass for the victim to manipulate his partner and push him to give him everything he wants.

4 - The intentions of the empath are sincere. He has a good heart and does not understand that his partner does not have the same type of injuries as him, so that the means of healing is also different. The wounds of the narcissist can not be healed by love, since the latter is hermetic to this feeling.

5 - The relationship begins to revolve around the narcissist. As a result, the empath will eventually realize this, as he will notice that the more time passes, the more he needs to fight for his desires and needs in the relationship. And as he does not want to displease his partner, he will continue to invest despite the fact that he is no longer happy.

6 - The more empathy gives affection, devotion, energy, love and attention to the narcissist, the more the grip of the latter becomes strong. And the more the Empath partner gets involved, the less time he takes to see the problem in the face. Nevertheless, everything changes when he opens his eyes.

7 - The emphathe will make sure to make his voice heard because he can no longer support the methods devaluing his partner. He feels shattered because his emotional needs are never considered. And this is where disillusionment takes place, so he decides to say out loud what he feels. A turn of events that displeases the narcissist

8 - The narcissist needs constant attention. He likes to obsess others. But whatever he receives from his partner, it will not be satisfied. He will always want more.

9 - Once the empath has decided to talk about what he feels, the other will say that he is crazy and that he dramatizes things. He will try to manipulate it again to regain control.

10 - Such behavior is incomprehensible for an empath. He begins to feel guilty about everything that does not work in the relationship. For the simple reason that the narcissist makes him believe that he is not good enough and that he does not deserve his love.

11 - The empath does not understand that he is again manipulated. He lives in a biased version of the reality created by the narcissist. The empathy loses all lucidity and does not see that it is the other who is wrong.

12 - Every attempt on the part of the empath to honestly dialogue with the narcissist is useless. The narcissist will always justify himself while blaming him.

13 - The empath must understand that it is normal to be confused, lost, helpless and deeply hurt. He will also need a lot of thought and work on himself to recover.

14 - As the empath is the one who heals the wounds of others, he can also do it for himself. It just needs to have the will.

15 - The empathy ends up discovering the bitter truth that his partner does not deserve his affection nor his love or attention. He must understand that not anyone who looks upset or sad is sincere and that there are many methods of manipulation. He ends up understanding that a "I love you" does not always come from the heart.

16 - It is at this moment that he understands that he is the real victim in history and not the narcissist.

17 - The empathy realizes that his partner will never change, which makes him a shock. But he decides to leave behind this toxic relationship and move on.

18 - The narcissist will act as if nothing had happened and forget all that the empathy has done for him.

19 - He will advance and find a new victim

20 - The empathy will gain in wisdom, strength and prudence with regard to the people to whom he gives his love, his time and his affection.